Thursday, May 20, 2010

BREAKING NEWS: Action Unlimited in talks with Pro Wrestling Superstar STEVIE RICHARDS!

This evening, we at Action Unlimited were informed that negotiations are now underway to bring Pro Wrestling Superstar and "Original King Of Swing" Stevie Richards to "Action Unlimited VI: The Day Of Reckoning" on June 3rd.

As many of you know, Mr. Richards is known throughout the wrestling world as the leader of the b.W.o (Blue World Order) as well as the leader of the reviled Right To Censor. He has recently appeared as "Dr. Stevie" for TNA on Spike TV.

We will share any and all information on the situation as it becomes available. Keep checking back for the latest on this situation.

-Action Unlimited

Action Unlimited v: The Reborn- Quick Results

(Note: ECW Original Axl Rotten was scheduled to compete against Mr. Saturday Nite in a No Rules Street Fight. Unfortunately, Axl found himself involved in an unfortunate traffic situation, and was unable to compete this past Friday. Action Unlimited officials were in contact with Mr. Rotten throughout the evening, and have made arraingements to schedule Axl at our event this upcoming June 19th.)

Andy Header defeated Joey Image by pinfall. After the bout, Image was invited to join The Diamond City Kings.

The Diamond City Kings (Bruno & Frankie) defeated Cadillac Stanks and J-Weezy by pinfall.

The Lawless Idols (Mike Marvel and Sean Silence) defeated The Ghostbusters (Tommy and Bill)by pinfall.

Action Unlimited Tag-Team Champions The Westies (Banger Howe & Head The Ice Crusher) defeated Mike Vaughn and Ryan "Acid" Zero by pinfall.

Action Unlimited Anthracite Champion "Indestructible" AJ Evers defeated Vin Gerard by pinfall.

Our next event is scheduled to be a 8 match showcase and will be held June 19th at The Irem Country Club in dallas, PA. More information will be released within the next 24. keep it here, folks.

-Action Unlimited