Tuesday, March 16, 2010

BREAKING NEWS: Action Unlimited Signs AXL ROTTEN!

Action Unlimited is pleased to announce that Pro Wrestling Superstar and "Chair Swinging Freak" Axl Rotten has signed on to be a part of Action Unlimited IV: The Ides Of March LIVE this Sunday afternoon, and is guaranteed to debut in-ring at this showcase.

"Action Unlimited is overjoyed to be adding Axl to our roster for March 21st." said Action Unlimited CEO Ted Garvin just moments ago. Rotten, a competitor known the world over for his hardcore tatics and "Extreme" style , has competed globally for almost two decades and has won major Championships all over the World.

AXL will be available during intermission and after the show for autographs and photos.

We promise more information on this situation as it becomes available.

-Action Unlimited

Saturday, March 13, 2010

"You Will Pay Dearly For Ryan Zero." Gene Snitsky vs Head The Ice Crusher Headlines "Action Unlimited IV"

We here at AnthraciteWrestling.blogspot.com were initially suprised to see the outpouring of concern by Action Unlimited newcomer Gene Snitsky for the injured Ryan Zero. If you remember, Snitsky was the very first competitor on the scene following Zero's horrific injury on March 2nd as part of "Action Unlimited III: Indestructible", and has been in constant contact with Zero since the incident. In fact, as he was watching the ambulance which held Zero head off for a local medical facility, Snitsky had only one thing to say...

"The Westies will pay dearly for this."

This is a VAST departure from the Gene Snitsky of national television fame. In the past, vignettes of a terrifying-looking Snitsky espousing the virtues of pain and punishment on an opponent long after such force was needed was an almost common sight. His merciless attacks on some of the industry's biggest starts has definitely left Snitsky with the reputation of a cold-blooded killer. One need only note his famous line ("It Wasn't My Fault!") to see that Snitsky has never, ever pitied competitors injuries in the past. Why now, it stands to be argued, would Snitsky be so concerned?

The answer to that question may lie in events that foreshadowed Ryan Zero's tragic fall, events that, in hindsight, truly started this conflict that continues Sunday, March 21st at The 109th Armory in Nanticoke.

Earlier in the evening, the reigning Action Unlimited Tag-Team Champions, The Westies, made their way to the ring for a scheduled interview segment. After "Banger" Ritch Howe antagonized the crowd and lambasted he challengers for that evening's Tag-Team Championship match, Head The Ice Crusher grabbed the microphone from his partner. Uncharacteristic as it was for Head to be speaking in public, his intent was no secret: He wanted an immediate fight with Snitsky, and would not be satisfied until the giant accepted. For the next several moments, a stunned Ritch Howe tried desperately to diffuse the situation as every eye in the building fixed on the entrance. Finally, with Black Sabbath's "Iron Man" playing him to the ring, Gene Snitsky made his Action Unlimited debut, and quickly set to putting the champions in their place.

"I'm real tired of your mouths already." Snitsky told both Westies as he entered the ring on March 2nd. "You run down the people who come from this Valley...the people from NEPA? I'M FROM NEPA, punks! If you guys want to pick on someone from NEPA, why not pick on me?"

"Mr. Snitsky....GENE...this is a huge misunderstanding." Stammered a petrified Howe. " (Ice Crusher) can get carried away, you know? I swear that he didn't mean anything by it...I swear!"

"You two clowns better get the hell out of here right now, or I promise there's going to be BIG trouble!" Snitsky screamed at "The Banger" as Ritch tried to gather Head The Ice Crusher, who since Snitsky had entered the ring, had stood no more than a few inches away from him. Finally resorting to physically pulling his partner from the ring, Ritch made it clear that The westies were leaving....but would not forget this incident.

"Why don't you and your girlfriend go get ready to lose your belts?" Snitsky taunted the Champions as Banger and Ice Crusher looked on with fury in their eyes. As the champions walked through the entrance curtain, Action Unlimited representative Chris Decker attempted to get words with them. As Ice Crsher began to speak, however, he was quickly silenced by Howe, who would only make unclear and vague references to a "statement" the team would make later in the night.

Tragically, Ryan "Acid" Zero did, indeed, recieve that statement.
Those who have seen the video of the Tag-Team championship match pitting The Westies against Zero and Mike "Cannon" Collis are well aware of just how violent and rageful the encounter was even BEFORE Zero's fall. In the aftermath of the match, many of us sat in stunned appreciation as the Action Unlimited locker room emptied to run to the aid of a fallen competitor. One notible face in the crowd of competitors was Snitsky himself....doing everything he could to help.

Starting moments after Zero's ambulance left, Snitsky began his campaign to get The Westies, and specifically Head The Ice Crusher, into the ring . Snitsky even went so far as to go to the ring, grab the microphone, and rally the live crowd behind his cause. he challenged whichever Westie would accept to a match march 21st, adding that "...whatever happens to you at my hands...for what you've done to Ryan Zero...whatever happens, remember this: It Wasn't My Fault!"

With the stipulations of the tag-team title match being a guaranteed title shot to the victorious party, and with Ritch Howe scoring the pinfall and earning the title shot, Action Unlimited CEO Ted Garvin announced this week that it would be Head The Ice Crusher...the man who physically executed the attack on Ryan Zero....who would face Snitsky in the Main Event of "Action Unlimited IV: The Ides Of March".

"It was my distinct pleasure to sign this match." A grinning Ted Garvin told us this morning at Action Unlimited Headquarters, WB. "I think that after all the nonsense The Westies have caused over the last several months, they will find pushing Gene Snitsky around isn't going to be so easy." he continued, barely disguising his excitement. "I don't like making promises, but I will say this: Action Unlimited IV has the potential to be our biggest showcase ever."

We hope to have exclusive comments from gene Snitsky later in the week. Thanks for reading, and keep checking back for more information.

-Action Unlimited

Thursday, March 11, 2010


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Keep your eye out for Hoodies and baseball caps in the near future!

-Action Unlimited

It's Official:"Indestructible" AJ Evers Vs "Banger" Ritch Howe For The Anthracite Championship 3/21

Just moments ago, Action Unlimited CEO Ted Garvin announced that as part of Action Unlimited IV: The Ides Of March, Action Unlimited Anthracite Champion "Indestructible" AJ Evers will defend his Anthracite Championship against co-holder of the Action Unlimited Tag-Team Championship and recognized No. 1 contender "Banger" Ritch Howe. This match, in the making since the two competitors went to a draw in the Anthracite Championship Tournemant in November, will be historical in Action Unlimited, as it will mark the very first time in our history that two recognized champions will compete one-on-one for a championship.

"This is the very last match I want to make." confessed Action Unlimited CEO Ted Garvin today during a phone conversation. "The thought that somehow Action Unlimited OWES a title shot to Ritch Howe after his role in the Acid Zero attack makes me sick to my stomach. By winning that match, however, Ritch IS the number one contender, and the last thing we need right now is more drama and conflict from "The Westies". I did my job in getting this match signed as soon as I could, but I'm far from happy about it."

As many readers know, the Champion and the Challenger are hardly strangers; Evers has faced Howe in no less than 4 seperate promotions in the last 6 months. Most will remember this past November when Howe and Evers exceeded the time limit and were both subsequently eliminated from the Anthracite Championship Tournament in what was one of the best matches of the evening. In fact, when A.J. debuted in September of 2009, his very first opponent was "Banger". To date, Evers has not defeated Howe by pin or submission. Many feel, however, that based on his recent performances "Indestructible" is way overdue in the win department.

"This match is going to be tough, I'm not going to lie." AJ told us just moments ago after hearing about the match. "But I won this title, and I defend this title against whoever thinks they're better than me. My luck with Ritch hasn't been great in the past, but that was the past. On March 21st, at "The Ides Of March", "Banger" goes on that list of guys everyone said would win, but didn't. Howe's a tough, tough guy....but I'm the Champion, and I'll still be Champion after "The Ides Of March" pass."

Ted Garvin did make it clear that he isn't finished making announcements relating to "The Ides Of March", so expect a public e-mail from our CEO soon.

Until then, keep checking back for more information.

-Action Unlimited

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Triangle Match To Name No.1 Contenders To The Tag-Team Championship Announced.

On March 21st, Action Unlimited has announced a first-ever Anthracite Triangle Match to name new Number 1 contenders to the Action Unlimited Tag-Team Championship. The winners of this bout, which pits 3 Action Unlimited Tag-Teams against each other until only one remains, will recieve a guaranteed Championship opportunity at the next Action Unlimited Showcase, the date of which will be announced. With all six announced participants being Action Unlimited veterans, this should end up being a very heated contest next Sunday.

Let's take a quick look at the teams.

Gutz N Glory- "The Pride Of The Fighting 109th" have made it very clear that they want an opportunity to be Tag-Team Champions, going so far as to challenge the winners of our last showcase's Tag-Team title match. Boasting an almost unblemished record which includes no losses by pinfall or submission, Bob "Shotgun Blast" Dick and JP "The Howitzer" Karpovich may be regarded as the odds-on favorites in this match. However, they have incredibly talented competetion on Sunday, March 21st...and as we all know, anything can happen in Action Unlimited.

Ray Ray Marz & Little Nicky- These two gentlemen, high in the running for most obnoxious wrestlers of all time, make their Nanticoke, PA wrestling debut in a match that has all the ingredients to shoot the winners straight into stardom. Fresh from abandoning their partner, The Masked Destroyer, at the last showcase, this Triangle Match will be their first meeting with their former partner. And he isn't coming alone....

The Masked Destroyer & Cadillac Stanks- "Big Silky" has stepped up and formed a team with Action Unlimited's most unusual competitor, the massive Masked Destroyer. Stanks, widely recognized as one of Anthracite Wrestling's most popular competitors, has had continuing problems with Ray Ray Marz, who has stepped up to challenge Stanks the last two consecutive showcases. Little Nicky's hands aren't clean, either, as Nicky was just as involved in abandoning Destroyer at Hanover, and the massive masked man hasn't yet forgotten.

All of these factors have this match shaping up to be a must-see, and will definitely have a huge impact on the future title picture here in Action Unlimited. Keep checking back for more info.

-Action Unlimited

Ryan "ACID" Zero released from hospital; will make appearance at "The Ides Of March"

After what was easily the scariest week most of us here at AnthraciteWrestling.Blogspot.com have ever experienced, we can finally exhale. We recieved word this morning that Action Unlimited competitor Ryan "Acid" Zero was released from Emmaus Medical Center sometime Tuesday afternoon, one week after being voilently attacked and nearly killed by The Westies following last week's Tag-team Championship match. Zero, who suffered severe neck trauma and a massive concussion on March 2, has been in treatment for the past 7 days, and has been completely incommunicato. This morning, however, Zero finally broke his silence.

"Well, I'm alive. Not really in one piece, but I'm alive." Zero told us this morning via telephone call. "I literally remember walking out through the curtain, and nothing else. I've seen the footage, though, so it's probably a good thing that I don't remember anything. I'd hate to have to carry those images around for the rest of my life."

For those not in attendance, Zero was injured following the Westies/Collis & Zero Tag-Team Championship match this past march 2nd as part of Action Unlimited III: Indestructible. With his partner handcuffed to the ropes, and with no recourse since the bout had already concluded, Zero took a hellacious 2-on-1 beating at the hands of the victorious Westies. Seething with anger, Head The Ice Crusher and "Banger" Ritch Howe erected an announce table at ringside, with the obvious goal of throwing Zero through it.

The execution of the throw, however, had Zero miss the table...from a 15 foot fall, mind you...with everything but his EXO (it's the bump on the back of your head), which crashed violently into, but not through, the lip of the table. Zero crashed into a plie, folded at the waist, taking 99% of the force directly on his head and neck. He was knocked unconsious upon impact, and did not regain consiousness for several minutes. Expert work by Action Unlimited Team Doctor Patrick "Skip" Krenwinkle helped Zero narrowly avert tragedy, and Zero was transferred to a medical facility not long afterwards. Zero was finally relesed Tuesday morning.

"I can't turn my head barely at all, and I'm still getting massive headaches several times a day." Zero tells us. "I guess I'm lucky when you think about it. I saw the same fall as you guys saw, but I can't explain how I survived. A fall like that could kill somebody, it should kill somebody. How or why I survived is still a mystery, but like I said, I definitely feel lucky."

While Zero declined to discuss the specifics of his injuries, "Acid" did make it clear that he will be in attendance on March 21st at the Nanticoke Armory as part of Action Unlimited IV: The Ides Of March, though not in a competitive role. He has promised, however, that he will definitely be addressing the crowd and letting us know where his future lies.

Whatever his decision, we are happy to have Ryan "Acid" zero on the way to recovery, and look forward to seeing him March 21st. More information as we get it.

-Action Unlimited

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Evers Shines At "Indestructible"; Khufu And Bruno Prepare For War.

With all of the variables presented to him, very little could be said with certainty about the first Action Unlimited Anthracite Championship defense of young A.J. Evers. HIs opponent enjoyed many advantages. Outside of the former Champion, A.J. had never been tested in-ring by an accomplished veteran. Moreover, A.J. would be facing more than one opponent, as the challenger had definite backup in the form of a former multiple-time Champion.

At the conclusion of Action Unlimited 3, however, one thing was very, very clear: A.J. Evers is, indeed, Indestructible.

The challenger, "The War Machine" Bruno DeMaio came well prepared. Bruno had fellow Diamond City Kings member "The Technical Nightmare" Matt Turner in his corner. DeMaio's strategy, to avoid chasing the faster champion and patiently wait for a mistake, was working very well for the first minutes of the match. Bruno was himself the heavy favorite in the match, and at several points within seemed poised to finish the young Champion and begin his own reign. Somewhere along the line, however, something went very wrong for the massive challenger.

DeMaio's woes had actually started earlier in the night, when he and Turner had arrived in the ring to sign DeMaio's Main Event contract for his match with Evers. Within a few moments, The Great Khufu and his manager/translator Doshu Sappo had arrived on the scene. (If you recall, "The War Machine" and "The Butcher Of Giza" have a long standing rivalry that came to the surface this past January.) Doshu directly challenged Bruno to face Khufu one-on-one in a No Holds Barred match at the soonest possible date. Action Unlimited CEO Ted Garvin, himself on the scene to witness the contract signing, seemed moved by Sappo's request, and promised to make that very match at the soonest available time.

As things in the Main Event seemed to be going directly in Bruno's direction, and as A.J. Evers seemed completely finished, a chain reaction of events began that would lead to Bruno's defeat and Evers' victory. First Vin Gerard, Turner's opponent earlier in the evening, arrived on the scene and completely neutralized "The Technical Nightmare". Then, as Bruno prepared to put the finishing touches on the young Champion, The Great Khufu and Doshu Sappo arrive on the scene. Sappo, long retired and out of action for nearly 8 years before this past January, executed his vaunted "Rising Sun" Top Rope Neckbreaker on the massive challenger and quickly exited the ring without being detected. It was all the opportunity Evers needed to trigger his Flying Elbowdrop and score a pinfall victory over "The War Machine".

The victorious champion could not hide his happiness in a post match interview.

"I KNEW it! He was big, he was bad, but he wasn't Indestructible. I came in here the Champion, I'm STILL the Champion, and I'm GOING to be Champion FOREVERS!" A.J. shouted to the reporters and cameras nearby in the locker room area. We hope to have a one-on-one interview with the reigning Champion sometime this week.

Bruno, as can be expected, was furious.

"WHERE was Ted Garvin, Mike DiMuzio, or ANYBODY to keep this CRAP from happening?" screamed an irate DeMaio in his post match comments. "Nobody makes a fool of me like this...you understand me? I've broken this (*expletive deleted*)'s back before. If (Khufu) wants another go-round, then I'm his boy, you understand? He wants a broken neck? He'll get one. We're done."

Bruno has not returned phone calls as of Thursday, March 3rd. We hope to get additional comments soon.

A.J. Evers, for his part, has little time to celebrate; by virtue of his victory in the Tag-Team Championship match, "Banger" Ritch Howe has been named No.1 Contender to Evers' Action Unlimited Anthracite Championship. While nothing has been announced, it may be just a matter of days until that match is a reality for March 21st.

DeMaio heads in a more personal direction, having apparently accepted "The Butcher Of Giza's" challenge for a rematch 10 years in the making. As was the case earlier, no official announcement has been made, but the moment anything is announced, we will share it here that very second.

Keep checking back for more info.

-Action Unlimited

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Ryan "Acid" Zero Severely Injured; In Serious Condition As Of Midnight 3/3

Over the last few weeks, the management have admittedly applied immense pressure in efforts to sign Tuesday's tag-team title match. The current and reigning champions, The Westies, were very hesitant to sign the match. Management, specifically Action Unlimited CEO Ted Garvin, were dead-set on providing the grounds for "Cannon" Mike Collis and Ryan "Acid" Zero to extract revenge against the reviled champions. Garvin's only intention seemed to be presenting a match that was entertaining for the fans.

Now, Garvin wishes the match never happened.

"I wouldn't wish something like this on my worst enemy." Garvin commented this morning during a telephone call. "It was never my intention for Ryan to get hurt at all...let alone this severely and brutally. If I had known something like this would go down, that match never would have happened. In my mind right now, it shouldn't have happened."

After successfully defending their championship, both Westies continued to attack Ryan Zero while Collis found himself handcuffed to the ropes. Not long after, Head The Ice Crusher lifted Zero over his shoulders. While "Banger" Howe glared at Collis and screamed for him to "Watch what (he) did. Watch what (he) caused. This is YOUR fault!"

Seconds later, Ice Crusher brutally launched Zero over the top rope and directly to the arena floor...completely missing the erected ringside table with every part of his body.. save for the back of his head, which crashed violently onto the lip of the table. The rest of Zero landed in a bloody, convulsing heap at ringside, the sight and atmosphere of which none present will soon forget. The locker room quickly emptied and rushed to Zero's aid, but not before both Westies made their escape.

Zero was immediately rushed to a nearby medical facility and apparantly airlifted to another location. He was listed as being in Serious Condition at an undisclosed hospital as of midnight Tuesday evening.

Most everyone on the roster has an opinon as it relates to this heinous situation.

"I was right there in the ring when it happened. When Zero's head hit that table, fear shot right through me." said Action Unlimited senoir official Michael DiMuzio. "I looked into his eyes..they were open the whole time..and he was just gone. No one home. I don't want to sound like a ghoul, but I have to be honest: I thought he was dead."

"What The Westies pulled tonight just isn't right." commented Action Unlimited newcomer Gene Snitsky. "You win your match, you cash your check, no problem. You don't make it personal, believe me when I say that. These two I dealt with earlier in the show. I had no idea they'd stoop so low."

As you may have already heard, Gene Snitsky has challenged either member of The Westies to a singles match on March 21st @ The Nanticoke Armory.

Our thoughts and prayers are with Ryan "Acid" Zero at this very minute, and we will have more information as it becomes available. Keep checking back!

-Action Unlimited

Action Unlimited III: Indestructible- Quick Results

Mike Vaughn & Gutz N Glory defeated Ray Ray Marz, Little Nicky, and The Masked Destroyer when Karpovich pinned The Masked Destroyer. After Little Nicky and Ray Ray Marz abandoned Destroyer, GNG/Vaughn shared their post-match celebration with him.

"Mr. Saturday Night" Roy Propes defeated Jak Mollson.

Ray Ray Marz and Little Nicky returned to ringside and made an open challenge. Cadillac Stanks accepted, and defeated Ray Ray Marz in an impromptu singles match.

Vin Gerard defeated "The Technical Nightmare" Matt Turner by pinfall with an inside cradle.

The Great Khufu (w/ Doshu Sappo) defeated Darius Carter by pinfall.

Action Unlimited Tag-Team Champions The Westies ("Banger" Ritch Howe & Head The Ice Crusher) defeated "Cannon" Mike Collis and Ryan "Acid" Zero by pinfall. After the match, The Westies powerbombed Zero off of the ring apron directly to the floor, severely injuring him.

Action Unlimited Anthracite Champion "Indestructible" AJ Evers defeated "War Machine" Bruno DeMaio by pinfall after a Flying Elbow. The Great Khufu and Doshu Sappo both interjected themselves into the match, as did Matt Turner and Vin Gerard.

Gene Snitsky, who had earlier assisted Ryan "Acid" Zero after his horiffic fall, dropped a challenge to whichever Westie would accept on March 21st.

Our Next Showcase Happens On March 21st @ The Nanticoke Armory. Keep checking back for more details.

-Actio Unlimited

Monday, March 1, 2010

Westies vs Collis/Zero WILL happen.

At the 23rd hour on Saturday 2/20, the appropriate phonecalls made and the appropriate paperwork tended to, we can finally announce with 100% certainty that the Action Unlimited No-DQ Tag Team Championship match between The Westies ("Banger" Ritch Howe and Head The Ice Crusher) and the team of "Cannon" Mike Collis and Ryan "Acid" Zero. While the match will be presented with it's original stipulations, a number of minor changes have been announced to satisfy the champions, who as most by now are aware have been very hesitant to accept the championship match.

The key stipulations are as follows;

1) The Westies manager, Ms. Rachel Townsend, will be banned from the building on 2/25 to ensure that she does not in any way physically involve herself in the matchup. (*It is our understanding at AnthraciteWrestling.Blogspot.com that The Westies may be represented by members of the Zapata Law firm at this event, but that's purely speculation at this point*)
2) All competitors must respect the "Tag Rule" and may not execute a fall unless they are the legal contestant. The referee will not disqualify a contestant for entering the ring. However, the referee has the right to clear the ring of illegal competitors before executing a fall.
3) "Cannon" Mike Collis is recognized as the No.1 contender to the Action Unlimited Anthracite Championship. Should Collis or Zero be defeated in any way during this match, Collis will forefeit his Championship opportunity to whichever member of the opposing team executes the successful fall.
4) Should Collis and Zero be successful in capturing the Action Unlimited Tag-Team Championship, they will not be required to grant The Westies a rematch at any time.

We look forward to seeing all of our wonderful fans this week. Keep checking back for more info.

Note From The Staff

Staff note: much of the following information was submitted last week. We were not able to post much due to complications associated with the gigantic snow storms that hit the northeast last. Our apologies on their tardiness. We hope you'll still enjoy.