Thursday, February 25, 2010

Snow Postpones "Indestructible" Until March 2nd

Due to a winter snowstorm, tonight's scheduled showcase of Action Unlimited III: Indestructible will be postponed until this upcoming Tuesday night, March 2nd, at 7pm.

Keep checking back for an updated card and any news pertaining.

Gotta love that snow, right?

-Action Unlimited

Monday, February 22, 2010

Ray Ray Marz: Himself

Editor's Note: "Double R" Ray Ray Marz will team with High Voltage and Cletus Gambino to face Mike Vaughn & Gutz N Glory on 2/25 as part of "Action Unlimited III: Indestructible"

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Breaking News: The Great Khufu vs Dariu$ Carter Announced For "Indestructible"

Action Unlimited Officials have announced today that controversial newcomer The Great Khufu will make his official Action Unlimited in-ring debut on February 25th as part of "Action Unlimited III: Indestructible". It may be a long night for "The Butcher Of Giza", however, as he takes on the brash, arrogant, and supremely talented "Young Money" Dariu$ Carter.

Carter makes his return to Action Unlimkited after a very disappointing outing against Anthracite Wrestling's resident artful dodger, Leroy "Cadillac" Stanks.

Infuriated over what he percieved as "lax officiating", Carter demanded that the matchmakers associated with Anthracite Wrestling match him with an opponent of great skill and stature. His mission, no doubt, to prove to the Action Unlimited crowd that "The Debonaire Millionaire" is the very best athlete that Anthracite Wrestling has to offer.

In the understatement of the year, Action Unlimited has granted his request. Dariu$ now has a confirmed matchup against the most animalistic and mysterious Action Unlimited superstar of them all....the bloodthirsty and savage "Butcher Of Giza" The Great Khufu.

We will attempt comments with Dariu$ Carter later this afternoon. Keep checking back for more information.

-Action Unlimited

Westies Issue Ultimatum; Change Stip Or Cancel Match.

Early this morning, we here at recieved an email from Rachel Townsend, manager of Action Unlimited Tag team Champions The Westies ("Banger" Ritch Howe and Head The Ice Crusher). In recent weeks, Townsend has been highly vocal in her displeasure with the handeling of the Westies February 25 Tag team Title defense, which happens as part of "Action Unlimited III:Indestructible" live from Hanover Area High School. In standard fashion, Ms. Townsend failed to mince words.

Basically, Ms. Townsend's (and by default, The Westies) issue stems fromAction Unlimited CEO Ted Garvin naming Ryan "Acid" Zero and "Cannon" Mike Collis challengers on 2/25 despite the fact that Zero and Collis have never teamed together, and by that tone are incapable of being ranked the number one challengers to the titles. In Townsends view, the champions are only obligated to defend their titles against the number one challengers, and as Collis and Zero are not recognized as such, The Westies are under no obligation to defend their titles 2/25. Townsend's refusal to sign off on this No-Disqualification match (a match, incidentally, which has already been advertised) has caused Ted Garvin a great deal of grief and aggrivation, as he does everything in his power to ensure a title defense as part of "Action Unlimited III: Indestructible"on 2/25.

"We aren't asking for anything but fair treatment." Townsend wrote in the early lines of today's email. "I have warned Ted Garvin repeatedly about the way he deals with us. We are his champions, his commodity....and we won't be abused. We will have out due, or we will sit at home until we do."

In the opening lines of her email, Ms. Townsend made it clear that The Westies have sought outside professional legal help in the form of the Scranton-based Zapata Law Firm. After meeting with Zapata attorneys last week, Ms. Townsend has apparantly intensified her resolve in the 2/25 title defense matter.

" There is a clear precedent set here; the champions defend against only the top rated team. We will not have our title reign disgraced by fighting these tomato cans Ted Garvin digs up. The people at the Zapata law Firm have been very, very helpful in drafting the new contracts and adding what needed to be added. It ensures our fair treatment, and makes this match worth competing in. We are very happy to be represented by Zapata, and would encourage other talent to do the same."

Sometime this week, Ms. Townsend promised us, Ted Garvin will recieve a new contract for the 2/25 event hat includes some significant changes to the original document. Unhappy with the seemingly "no win" position The Westies find themselves in, Ms. Townsend and Zapata law have added a special stipulation to the standing rules that has the potential to change the course of Action Unlimited for quite some time.

The major stipulation change is simple: To compete in this match, Mike Collis must put his guaranteed Anthracite Title Match on the line. Should Collis and Zero lose this match, Collis would lose his title opportunity to which ever of The Westies is victorious.

The point is made that one of the challengers, "Cannon" Mike Collis , is the recongnized Number one contender to whomever should win the "Bruno-Evers" title match on 2/25. We here at have covered that subject to some extent in the past weeks. As we understand it, Townsend has demanded that should "The Westies" be successful in their title defense, "Cannon" Mike Collis would forfeit his guaranteed Anthracite Title Match to the victorious member of The Westies, granting one of them the title opportunity Collis is due. Should Collis and Zero be successful, however, they would become the new Action Unlimited Tag Team Champions.

Compounding the already difficult situation, Townsend ended the email making it clear that, should these terms not be met by 2/20, no further negotiation would take place. Should The Westies fail to defend their titles by 2/25, Action Unlimited officials will be within their authority to strip The Westies of the championship.

One way or another, by this Saturday night, all questions will be answered. Keep checking back for more information on this escalating situation.

-Action Unlimited

Thursday, February 11, 2010

News At A Glance: February 12, 2010

- Action Unlimited Anthracite Champion "Indestructible" AJ Evers is training diligently at all hours of the day and night in preparation for his Championship bout against Number 1 contender "The War Machine" Bruno DeMaio. Sources close to the young champion have told us that AJ's strategy will center around extending the 350+lb challenger into the later minutes of the match, as a longer bout will favor the lighter, faster champion. As a result, Ever's woorkouts have centered around cardio development, which means he may enter 2/25's championship match even lighter than usual....widening the nearly 200lb weight advantage DeMaio already enjoys.

- Action Unlimited CEO Ted Garvin and Westies manager Rachel Townsend did, in fact, speak earlier today, though it doesn't seem we're any closer to having the Tag Team Championship match official just yet. Basically, it seems that Townsend simply isn't satisfied with the no-win position The Westies find themselves in, and unless Garvin can come up with some sort of incentive, a continued stalemate seems likely. Incidentally, if The Westies do not defend their Tag Team Championships by 2/25, they risk being stripped of the titles for failure to defend.

- With the acquisition of Pro Wrestling Superstar Gene Snitsky, "Action Unlimited III: Indestructible" is shaping up to be our largest and most attended event yet. Don't forget that Snitsky will be available 30 minutes before belltime (6:30PM) and during intermission for a Meet-And-Greet. We here at hope to have an exclusive interview with Snitsky as soon as possible.

- Today was an interesting day for Leroy "Cadillac" Stanks. Late last evening, upon hearing that Gene Snitsky did not have an announced opponent, Stanks posted a status update on his Facebook account that read...

"I hereby challenge Snitsky to come taste my rainbow on Febawerry(sic) 25."

...later in the day, someone on Stanks' friends list posted a photo of Snitsky on his Facebook. A mere 7 minutes later, the original status message had been deleted, and the following message ran in it's place:

"I hereby withdraw my challenge for Snitsky to taste my rainbow. He can feel free to taste someone elses."

It seems not even Cadillac Stanks himself is immune to the hilarity of social networking.

As always, we'll have more as the situations unfold. Stay tuned.

-Action Unlimited

Vin Gerard vs Matt Turner: One Anticipated Contest

One of the announced matches featured on 2/25's "Action Unlimited III: Indestructible" showcase has all the potential to steal the show. Rightfully so, as this particular contest features two Action Unlimited newcomers...both young veterans in the business...who possess a vast array of knowledge and a mastery of their craft so advanced that a meeting between the two has been anticipated for years. And while both men reside in the same community less than 10 miles apart, they have never met one on one.

This changes on 2/25, when for the first time anywhere, DCK member "The Technical Nightmare" Matt Turner faces the enigmatic and volatle Vin Gerard in their first singles encounter ever. This match, 5 years in the making, is shaping up to be a career milestone for both men, who have long awaited the day they would finally be given the chance to prove their superiority over the other.

In looking closely at the competitors involved, one sees many similarities. Both began their careers in the violent and bloody Pennsylvania Underground. Both attended the most elite of training academies. Both possess vast technical knowledge and are among the best conditioned competitors in Action Unlimited. And with both being new arrivals, both are anxious to make their mark. They each understand the importance of a victory.

"This little snot has been running from me for YEARS." Turner remarked through his characteristic grin. "I don't know how well you guys know Vin, but let me tell you this: he's weird. I mean VEEERY weird. "Heavy breathing on the telephone" weird. But that doesn't make him dangerous to a guy like me. I know what I'm doing."

In speaking with us, the extremely unpopular Mr Turner didn't seem to take Vin Gerard very seriously, even with all the anticipation surrounding the bout.

"To me, this little punk is just a geek, a nerd, and a pest. I'll take him down, show him what true wrestling is all about, and move on to bigger and better things. I figure that by beating a guy like Vin...a guy who everyone thinks is soooo tough...people will get who I am. This is OUR show now, don't forget. DCK runs things around here now, and we say little Vin isn't welcome. These people have been begging for this match? Fine, I'll slap him around At the end, it'll be time to pack up your mascara and take the d-train home, jerky!"

We here at have not had an opportunity to speak to Vin Gerard as of yet. We did, however, take some time to research some of the claims that DCK's Bruno Demaio had made earlier this week in our telephone interview with him. What we found was that, while DeMaio has an obvious bias towards him, much of what "The War Machine" told us about Gerard's past was true.

Vin Gerard did, in fact, train at a highly accredited training academy in Philadelphia. Sometime around 2005, Gerard began to compete as a Luchadore, though he had not yet completed Luchadore training. He competed in various colorful masked costumes throughout the next two years, finally losing his mask in a humiliating defeat to a former trainer. Competing without a mask from that point on, Gerard has met a very cold reception in most of the promotions he has performed for along the East Coast. Suprisingly, Action Unlimited fans responded positively to him in his brief debut, and fans regularly email us here at Anthracite Wrestling Blogspot requesting any information we may have on the enigmatic competitor.

While both competitors possess a vast degree of skill, there are several variables that could become huge factors in the outcome of this contest. Matt Turner debuted last month in a wild brawl with "The Butcher Of Giza" Khufu and his mentor, Doshu Sappo. Will Turner's violent clash with these men factor in any way into this contest? Vin Gerard has been busy as well; in January, Gerard rushed the ring and assaulted "Banger" Ritch Howe following The Westies' first round tag team contest. Rachel Townsend, manager of The Westies, has a romantic history with Greard, and it is speculated that her absence at the last event was a direct effect of Gerard's presence. Will The Westies look to finish what Gerard started in January?

Even in the face of all of these querstions, we can decisively state that, in one way or another, Vin Gerard vs Matt Turner has the potential to drastically change the landscape of Anthracite Wrestling. We await this match as much as you.

More information as we recieve it. Enjoy the snow.

-Action Unlimited

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

"I Will Leave Hanover High School NEW Anthracite Champion!"- DeMaio Is Set For "Indestructible" on 2/25

Over the weekend, we here at were contacted by the Number One Contender for the Action Unlimited Anthracite Championship; “The War Machine” Bruno DeMaio. DeMaio was furious after reading last week’s piece on new Anthracite Champion “Indestructible” AJ Evers, and was anxious to do a sit-down interview with our staff. Arrangements were made to conduct the interview Monday evening, and as of Tuesday morning, we had quite a story.

Bruno has been keeping time of late with NEPA pro wrestling veteran Matt Turner. The duo has teamed frequently on the independent pro wrestling scene, and has taken on the moniker “Diamond City Kings” or “DCK” for short…a reference to their days as Underground competitors in the Wilkes-Barre area. Coincidentally, Matt Turner is scheduled to face newcomer Vin Gerard in a much-hyped first meeting between the two. We will have more on that matchup later today.

For his part, DeMaio seems confident, if highly agitated. He made it clear…and you will read his own words in the following interview…that he will become the next Action Unlimited Anthracite Champion in his first opportunity.

What follows are the actual words of “The War Machine” Bruno DeMaio.

AU- On February 25th, you will receive your long awaited Anthracite Championship opportunity against the new Anthracite Champion, AJ Evers. How do you view the circumstances of this match?

Bruno- February 25th will go down in history as the day Action Unlimited started its reign of the Independent wrestling scene. , I have seen ZERO hype for the main event that night…. A main event that pits AJ Evers vs. ME… Bruno DeMaio for the Action Unlimited Anthracite Championship. I read the blurb about your doomed champion...but the challenger? Not one word. Not one spotlight, no tale of the tape, no HYPE what-so-ever! The real question I have to ask is why? Is this Ted Garvin clown afraid I‘m going to destroy his little “Indestructible” champion? Concerned that maybe I'll smear his rookie face all over Hanover Area High School? C’mon now, those aren’t even legit questions. They're more like guarantees.

AU- Your demeanor seems fairly frustrated, and we think it’s safe to say that it’s because of these circumstances. Do you feel you're taking the situation too personally?

Bruno- For the past two shows I have been jerked around by Action Unlimited officials, starting back in Nov ‘09 when that inept referee got into my way and I severely sprained my left knee. Then, in Jan ’10, the Action Unlimited doctor (Dr. Patrick Krenwinkel) couldn’t see me in time and I missed out on my title rematch against Mike Collis. THEN Action Unlimited brings in that psychopath Khufu, and I get the threat of a fine for almost putting him through a table! Now, at “Indestructible” on Feb. 25, Action Unlimited has nowhere to run, no loop holes to hide behind. I am the #1 contender for the Action Unlimited Anthracite Wrestling Heavyweight Championship and I intended to leave Hanover PA on the 25th of February the NEW ACTION UNLIMITED ANTHRACITE CHAMPION.

AU- Action Unlimited Anthracite Champion AJ Evers recently communicated to us in an interview that you don't intimidate him, and that he isn't afraid of you. How do you respond to that statement?

Bruno- AJ Evers, I have some advice for you, son; cherish the time you have left being a champion. I know it must be a real thrill for you… this young in your career to be a champion. But, I’m telling you from experience, son, DON’T LOOK PAST ME! Don’t worry about any other match BUT this match. You have never faced anyone like me before AJ, no one with my drive, my ruthlessness, my inability to feel remorse for EVERY move I lay into you. So, you need to find a quiet place, AJ, sit there and meditate. Think about what I am going to do to you on the 25th. Three shows of pent up aggression, frustration, hatred, anger, malice…no one has faced me when I am this focused and riled up. Everyday I wake up, I KNOW that come Feb 26th I’ll have the Anthracite Championship…can YOU do the same thing? S#!&, you better hope you can get out of bed on Feb 26th, or that your friends and family even recognize who you are after you face me.

AU- Is there anything else the young Champion should know going into your match on 2/25?

Bruno- I have only one last thing to say to you , AJ; I’m in your head….even before this match. I know you’ve seen what I can do, the damage I can inflict…most of all, I know you’re a mark for me. I’m not going to get into details here on this blog, I’ll let you sweat this one out. Think back, AJ, to that show in Plymouth where Turner and I first saw you work, the convo you had with us that night. The gears you wanted to put into effect that night…it’s because of that. I know the DCK are deep rooted in your brain. February 25th, it’s going to be like taking a big piece of gold candy away from a little green baby.

AU- We saw NEPA Wrestling veteran Matt Turner debut at "Winter Showcase" in January. Newcomer Vin Gerard also debuted the same night. Will Turner be in your corner as you challenge for the championship, and what are your feelings on Turner's announced match with Vin Gerard?

Bruno- Matt Turner will definitely be there, and he definitely will be in my corner in the main event. And since you mentioned it…where the hell is the hype for Turner vs. Gerard? Honestly, is there some kind of discrimination going on here? No hype for the title match, and no hype for 2 of the best workers the North East US has seen in the past 5-10 years? Ok.. The DCK will hype that match… Matt Turner is a 8+ yr vet, trained locally by a 25+ year veteran, a survivor of the Valley Underground…one of it’s most memorable and successful competitors. When he realized it was time to take his career to the next level, he went to the Ring of Honor Pro Wrestling Academy in Philadelphia to train under “Straight-Edge Messiah” WWE’s CM Punk. Yes, THAT CM Punk.. 3 time World Heavyweight Champion, former tag team champion, former IC Champion, Back-2-Back Money in the Bank winner. Heard of him?

Vin Gerard is a student of the Valley Underground, tried his hand at the Lucha Libre before being booted by his trainer, and faked being an authentic Luchadore to wrestle for a prominent Lucha promotion, deceiving everyone along the way. Gerard was unmasked by his trainer, and has since found solace in his new persona. I’m assuming he also has some issues with Ritch and his baby sister Rachael. Type his name into Google if you want to know more…I don’t care that much. I can pretty much guarantee a Turner victory, but other than that….the kid is a punk. I have bigger fish to fry.

AU_ We don't know how we've gone this long without asking, but we'd be quite regretful if we forgot. Are you able to shed some light on your situation with "The Butcher Of Giza" Khufu? He and his manager, Doshu Sappo, seem very intent on you and Turner.

Bruno- I come onto the BlogSpot to see a full write up about Khufu…that Ted Garvin has unearthed tapes of Khufu and I from March of 2000, and wondering who this new Khufu is. I KNOW who it is, I KNOW what is going on. No one has asked me, no one has BOTHERED to hunt down Adam Morris so HE can explain what is going on with this “new” Khufu. You need phone numbers for Morris? I have ‘em. You want earlier VCW footage of Khufu? All I have to do is place one phone call to Frankie Angelini and you guys will have it. You want answers? I HAVE THEM, but Teddy and his crew WON’T call me to ask. You want to play Sherlock Holmes with this mystery? Fine, go ahead. You’re making it out to be way more complicated than it really is. Quick hint, Indiana Jones: have you tried pressing Doshu Sappo for answers? Because, buddy, he is holding a lot back.

AU- Very interesting. We would definitely like to thank you for taking the time and speaking with us today. Anything you would like to leave the readers with today?

Bruno- Matt Turner and I will see all of you on February 25th at Hanover Area High School! The DCK will reign supreme, the REIGN OF THE DCK HAS BEGUN!!

Keep checking here for more news and information.

-Action Unlimited

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Who Is Khufu?

In the past few weeks following "Action Unlimited 2: Winter Showcase", we here at have recieved literally dozens of e-mails filled with questions concerning one of Action Unlimited's newest roster additions, "The Butcher Of Giza" Khufu.

"Where did this person come from, and how did he find himself in Action Unlimited?"

"What is his issue with Bruno DeMaio?"

"Wasn't there a different Khufu several years ago?"

"How does Doshu Sappo factor in to this situation?"

We definitely want to stress that we will do everything in our power to answer every email we recieve in a timely and helpful fashion. In this set of circumstances, however, we want to make it clear that we're not dodging any questions. To be perfectly frank, we don't have many answers to share. The answers we do have only came very recently, and after hours and hours of research mixed with endless phonecalls and tape reviews.
We do have some basic information to share with our fans today, and we hope more is forthcoming.

At the very basic level, "Khufu" is the name of an ancient Egyptian Pharoah who was responsible for the construction of the Tomb of Giza (aka The Great Pyramid) at or around 2600 B.C. His reign as Pharoah lasted several decades, and is remembered in folklore for being extremely cruel and ruthless as the ruler of the known world. Strangely, almost no known artifacts exist depicting a likeness of Khufu, unusual due to the sheer number of likenesses and artifacts attributed to other Pharoahs of the era.

The circumstances of his death are also largely unusual. When The Great Pyramid was excavated in the 1950's, Khufu's sarcophagus was discovered in a deep cacacomb....completely empty. Further searches of the area have never unearthed the mummified remains of "The Butcher Of Giza". Owing that Khufu was such an important figure at the time, it is almost unthinkable that he would not have been preserved for the ages. To date, however, no evidence has ever come to light that would suggest that the man known as Khufu ever passed away.

Flash forward nearly 4 THOUSAND years to Summertime of 2000. Among the various local Pro Wrestling promotions that existed in NEPA at the time, many hosted a competitor who shared his name with the great pharoah. Referring to himself as "King Khufu", this masked competitor went on to capture championships in several promotions and was revered as one of the founding personalities in NEPA Pro Wrestling.
On March 17th of 2000, the competitor known as King Khufu defended one such championship against a man Action Unlimited fans know very well: the 350+lb "War Machine" Bruno DeMaio.

In this brutal and bloody match, which is still passed among tape traders to this day, DeMaio (in his rookie year at the time) chokeslammed "King Khufu" from a ring apron and through a ringside table....covered completely in shredded glass. "Khufu" was removed from the scene and recieved medical attention. NEPA Wrestling fan Bill Slova remembers the scene vividly:

"Khufu was the champion at the time. He was this rare mix of daredevil and technician that really took off. His success was incredible.....insanely popular with the fans, just super loved. Bruno was a rookie who was hurting a lot of people. He had worked his way up to Khufu and was starting to build that dominant streak that people still talk about. Easily the most violent match I have EVER seen in my life, both guys cut to ribbons and bleeding heavily. Most of us believed that, through all of this, Khufu would pull through; it's just what he did. But when Bruno spiked him through that glass-covered table, we all gasped. Every sigle one of us in that building...we knew that Khufu was done. Every one of us"

"Khufu" was, at the time, the recognized champion of the promotion that presented this match with Bruno DeMaio. While Bruno didn't win the title by pinfall, he did take possession of the champion's title belt. And though DeMaio spent many months taunting "Khufu", the former champion never returned to claim his belt. That particular title, we understand, was quietly vacated a short time later. The competitor did return to action some years later, but his appearances became less and less frequent. has positively identified this competitor as a gentleman named Adam Morris. While we were unable to reach or speak with Mr. Morris, we have been able to verify through photos that Adam Morris 100% IS NOT the Khufu that appeared at Action Unlimited's "Winter Showcase" event in January. The original Khufu, Adam Morris, while a fantastic competitor in his own right, is noticeably shorter and more slender than his taller, heavier counterpart. We will continue our attempts to reach Mr. Morris and report on any information we may recieve.

Yet another unusual aspect of this situation is Doshu Sappo, the language interpretor for "The Butcher Of Giza", and himself a victim of a career-ending assault by "The War Machine". Literally every aspect of Khufu's existence in Action Unlimited has been negotiated and executed by Sappo, and it is our understanding that Sappo himself negotiated with Ted garvin on Khufu's behalf. Whats more, Sappo seems to be the only living person Khufu communicates with, as even his allies (Guts & Glory, Mike Vaughn) were met with hostility and agression by the animalistic pharoah.

So at the present, and after all of that text, we find ourselves not far from where we started on the subject. One thing is definitely not arguable: Khufu has come to Action Unlimited, and he has come for Bruno DeMaio. Where we go from here is a question we all await an answer to.

Keep checking back for more info.

-Action Unlimited

Wednesday, February 3, 2010


Action Unlimited Anthracite Wrestling has arraigned a Meet & Greet with our newest addition to the roster: Pro Wrestling Superstar And NEPA native Gene Snitsky for our fans at our next showcase event "Action Unlimited 3: Indestructible" LIVE from Hanover Area High School on Thursday night, February 25th. Action Unlimited fans will have an opportunity to meet with and talk to Gene, as well as pick up an autograph or personalized photo.

"February 25th can't get here fast enough" remarked Action Unlimited CEO Ted Garvin. "I never get enough opportunities to say this, but Action Unlimited fans are what make this company number 1 in Northeast Pennsylvania. As such, my staff and I are always looking for ways to enhance the experience for our fans and for ways to show our gratitude. I hope every one of our fans, and hopefully a few new ones, will come out and see our newest Superstar, have a great night, and help out the world's most worthy relief effort all in one night."

Proceeds from this event will be donated to the Hanover Area Student Council in their continued efforts with the Haiti Relief Fund. To date, Action Unlimited has raised thousands of dollars for charitable organizations since November of 2009, and are 100% thrilled to be part of local relief efforts for this World-affecting disaster.


"On The Get-Back": Our Quid Pro Quo Interview With Leroy "Cadillac" Stanks

It is with no small amount of shame that we, the staff of, make this confession: this past weekend, after hearing events on our local police scanner that would set a nights worth of activity in motion, we the staff took a monetary pool and posted bail for Action Unlimited roster member Leroy "Cadillac" Stanks.

Under threat of libel, we can't mention the law enforcement agencies involved or the ames of the arresting officers. What we can tell you is that is was an almost obscenely ridiculous charge. Apparantly Leroy had crossed on a red directly in the view of a parked patrol cruiser. When Stank's made eye contact with the officer, "Cadillac" made an obscene gesture that will not be described on this website in any greater detail. When the officer, obviously provoked, instructed Stanks to lay on the ground, Leroy reached into his pockets and threw a wad of one dollar bills...$12 American to be exact...into the face of the officer. Naturally, mace and batons were used, and an hour later, a very bruised and very thankful "Big Silky" emerged from our "local" lockup.

Though he promised reimbursement to the entire staff, we here at harbor no dillusions. As such, we asked that in repayment, "Cadillac" simply take a few minutes and take part in an interview for our beloved website. What you are about to read has been transcribed to the best of our ability, and we apologize in advance for any difficulty in reading or following this interview.

Ladies and gentlemen, presents our interview with Leroy "Cadillac" Stanks.

AW- Leroy, thanks for taking the time to talk to us today.

CS- Well...thank you for having me. Thank you for bailing me out of JAIL. Thank you for the dozen doughnuts you have on that table over there. They are very delicious.

AW- You can have as many as you like, Leroy.

CS- Can I take some with me when I leave.

AW- Not a problem. We can always get more donuts later.

CS- (Holds up hands in a long dramatic pause) Continue.

AW- As we get started, I want to ask you about the events of tonight which had you, again, in the back of a police cruiser in handcuffs, arrested. The situation as it was described to us by the officer was completely avoidable. How do you continue to find yourself in these situations?

CS- Well, first of all, man...can I call you man?

AW- Man is fine.

CS- OK, man, goes down like this: Cops, you see, they got a job like everybody, right? They have to make their money busting criminals and whatever. Busting heads...being cops. They need that money to buy gas and pay their cable bills or whatever, you dig?

AW- We dig.

CS- So if everybody just stopped breaking the law, right, those cops would be out of a job. In this economy, we shouldn't let anybody lose their job. I don't want these cops kid's to starve to death, so I do what I have to do to keep food on their tables. That whole law enforcement community NEEDS my ass. I'm insurance on their financial futures, if you know what I'm saying, man.

AW- So, in essence, you commit these crimes in the interest of furthering the police officer's employment?

CS- Yeah, see? I take care of everybody.

AW- Um...ok. Speaking of people you take care of, so far we've seen four of your lovely "Cadillac Dolls". How many "Dolls" are there in total?

CS- They're all up at the crib right now. We can go count them if you want. I think there's like either 14 or 20...maybe 19. They made pizza tonight of you guys are hungry.

AW- We already ate, but thanks.

CS- It's not even a problem. If I can borrow somebody's cell, I can call ahead and make sure we get a table cloth.

AW- It does sound lovely, but work comes first. Now back to your legal woes, do you have any plans for slowing down as you hit your future?

CS- As long as those boys in blue are depending on me, I'll be out doing tonight...making sure their bills get paid. For as many times as I've been busted, none of those cops ever end up really hating me. The whole time they're arresting me, I was boogeying, getting down, and doing everything I ever do. Plus they have a cell for me at (name of borough police station deleted) thats at least 50 times nicer than my crib, y'know?

AW- Do you see how this logic is flawed?

CS- Flawed? How is it FLAWED? It's worked for me for twenty something years.

AW- True, but you keep ending up incarcerated.

CS- See, thats my only problem, though!

AW- Now, as far as Action Unlimited's next event "Action Unlimited 3: Indestructible" goes, do you have any plans on competetion, and if so, against who?

CS- I don't ever really know much in advance. They don't trust me with too much information, dig?

AW- Dug.

CS- I'm definitely going to be in the house come February 25. Me and my babies are going to roll into that place and own every single seat. They don't call me "Big Silky" for nothing, man.

AW- We definitely believe that. was definitely our pleasure to speak to you today.

CS- Definitely my pleasure to be bailed out the hop by you fine folks. Now, I'm gonna grab them donuts be out. One.

AW- One indeed, Leroy. One, indeed.

-Action Unlimited

"This Match WON'T Happen!": Townsend Refuses 2/25 Contract; Says Tag-Title Match Is Off.

Following last week's public e-mail from Action Unlimited CEO Ted Garvin, we were contacted by Rachel Townsend, the enigmatic manager of the new Action Unlimited Tag-Team Champions The Westies ("Banger" Ritch Howe and Head The Ice Crusher). WE had contacted Rachel earlier that same day, and she had promised to contact us at a later time to officially comment on the situation. Ms. Townsend definitely kept her promise, and her return call was venomous to say the least.

For those who haven't kept up, Action Unlimited CEO Ted Garvin announced last week that The Westies would defend their Action Unlimited Tag-Team Championship againts former Action Unlimited Anthracite Champion Mike "Cannon" Collis and his partner Ryan "Acid" Zero. Ms. Townsend, sibling of Westie "Banger" Ritch Howe and rarely seen manager of "The Westies" was not happy with this announcement, and made it a point to let us know.

"I don't know who the hell Ted Garvin thinks he is. First of all, The Westies are the champions. THEY decide who the challengers are, and judging by the landscape here, there just aren't many serious threats. So Garvin takes it upon himself to throw a team together simply to appease the fans and make some of his roster happy. Well, I hate to burst his obnoxious little bubble, but thats definitely not happen."

"Second.." she continued with out giving us a chance to breathe, let alone speak. "..there is absolutely positively no way that a team that didn't even exist before this match can be rated the number one contenders and instantly recieve a title shot. This type of garbage management is exactly what I was hired to handle. These big tough Action Unlimited officials think that they intimidate us, but they're crazy. I have all the legal right in the world to refuse this contract, and I have. We have nothing to gain from accepting a disqualification at that....against an unranked team. If Garvin wants his match that badly, he'll sweeten the pot and make it worth it for Ritch and Head. If not, he will have a lot of explaining to do come Feb. 25 when his match doesn't go through. The ball is in his court. For now, under these circumstances, this match WON'T happen."

Our very first question for Ms. Townsend was met with the clicking sound of a disconnected phone call. Our later attempts to reach Ms. Townsend went unanswered. Action Unlimited CEO Ted Garvin, no doubt extremely busy with the Gene Snitsky signing, has yet to comment.

We will have more on this explosive situation as it develops. Keep checking back for more information.

-Action Unlimited


As of today, Tuesday Feb 2., Pro Wrestling Superstar GENE SNITSKY has come to terms on an agreement with Action Unlimited, and is scheduled to officially debut for Anthracite Wrestling on February 25th.

"My staff and I cannot even begin to express how excited we are to have Gene joining the Anthracite Wrestling roster." gushed Action Unlimited CEO Ted Garvin. "We've been working day and night over the last few days to make the arraingements necessar for Gene and to make sure everything was done by February 25. Now the t's are crossed and the i's dotted. Gene Snitsky is officially a part of Action Unlimited Anthracite Wrestling, and we couldn't be happier."

Gene Snitsky joins Action Unlimited after a 5 and a half year run with World Wrestling Entertainment. He is well remembered for his feud with Lita and Kane, and for his various Pay-Per-View events....not to mention his multiple Wrestlemania appearances. Given his track record, the signing of Gene Snitsky is a major plus.

Perhaps best of all, Gene is a native of northeast Pennsylvania, and has expressed interest in helping Action Unlimited continue their work with various local charities. This is the true spirit of Anthracite Wrestling, and again, the addition of Gene Snitsky helps our mission that much more.

As of this writing, no opponent has been announced, but Gene Snitsky WILL be in action on February 25th at Hanover High School as part of "Action Unlimited 3: Indestructible". Tickets will go on sale very soon, so keep checking back as we will be announcing the various locations you can purchase tickets.

As usual, keep checking back for the latest news and information in Anthracite Wrestling.

-Action Unlimited