Wednesday, December 30, 2009

News At A Glance For 12/30/09

Head The Ice Crusher

- Action Unlimited Anthracite Champion "Cannon" Mike Collis was in action over the Christmas break for the first time since his rib injury November 20th. As you remember, Collis was assaulted by The Westies following his match in the semi-final round of the Anthracite Championship Tournament, and competed in the finals against Bruno DeMaio with a severe rib injury. Wrestling his first match since his Championship victory a few weeks back, "The Cannon" looked remarkably well. His ribs, while still bandaged, had no real effect on the outcome, and "The Champ" is confident that he will be 100% by January 10th.

- While his partner busies himself challenging non-wrestlers in the mainstream media, Head The Ice Crusher has been diligently preparing for his January 10 Tag Team Championship opportunity. Rumor has it that Rachel Townsend has been personally overseeing his training, guaranteeing that "The Crusher" has been hard at work in the gym and on the mat...adding more devastating manuevers to his repoitoire. Will January 10 be the day that the unpinned rookie monster is finally put in check, or will he and his new manager be able to pull their controversial partner's head (no pun intended) out of the clouds long enough to win Anthracite Gold? All these questions will be answered January 10th at Wright Township Fire.

- We need to point out an innacuracy that has come to our attention. In several past entries, we have referred to AJ Evers as the Number 1 contender to the Action Unlimited Anthracite Championship. To correct this, we will state clearly that while AJ Evers will recieve a title shot on January 10, Bruno DeMaio is the recognized number 1 contender. Evers was offered the match when DeMaio was not medically cleared in time to compete. Bruno does have a title match due him, and we can all safely assume he will pursue it sooner than later. We apologize for any confusion.

- We've recieved a number of strange e-mails this week.

The first unusual piece of email we recieved was from a Mr. Reggie Washington-Carver, proprietor of the local "Sunshine Car Wash Company" located just down the road from Wilkes-Barre. Mr. Washington-Carver, apparantly, has been hot on the trails of one Leroy "Cadillac" Stanks, a highly dubious individual who made his debut at the November 20th showcase. According to Washington-Carver, Cadillac failed to, and this is a direct quote, "obtain from me permissive permission to attend any jail or prison functions, whether mandatory or otherwise." and that Stanks "owes (Washington-Carver) time on the brushes."

Mr. Washington-Carver then took the time to remind us that automobiles do not, in fact, wash themselves. He further stated that Cadillac is already scheduled to work the 3-11 shift at "Sunshine" that day, although our gut tells us that Leroy "Cadillac" Stanks will definitely be in attendance and in action come January 10.

The second email wasn't any less strange.

Addressed to "Bruno DeMaio c/o Action Unlimited Anthracite Wrestling", the message ran several screens of odd symbols and backwards letters presented in a seemingly random pattern. At the very bottom of the screen read a small message, re-posted below.

"Do you remember, Bruno? Has your mirror learned to hide those scars from you? Do you remember your blood pouring freely from you? The time is close, Bruno. He is coming back, Bruno. He is coming for your blood."

It was signed in Japanese font. When translated, it reads "Doshu Sappo". Our research has turned up a Doshu Sappo who competed in the Pennsylvania Underground back in the early 00's. Efforts to respond to this email were unanswered.

Keep checking back often as we give you all the news we soon as we get it!

Action Unlimited

Bruno DeMaio Issues Statement Regarding January 10th Title Match

350+pound "War Machine" Bruno DeMaio broke his silence today via telephone conversation with us here at DeMaio, who was injured at the November 20th showcase and is still due a future Championship opportunity, took time to verbally blast the head offices of Action Unlimited and pointed his frustration squarely at Action Unlimited CEO Ted Garvin.

"Since when do Fireman, or bakers, or milkmen....since when do they make calls around here?" Bruno hissed as his verbal tirade began. "What gives Garvin the right to have random people decide who gets title shots? Everybody sees Ted Garvin buddying up to Mike Collis because he thinks Collis is his ticket...he's the man with the gold. He knows Collis is a punk, though. You watch....he'll feed every untrained tomato can he can find at his champion to keep him looking pretty."

By virtue of his placement in the finals of the Anthracite Title tournament, Bruno DeMaio was guaranteed a future title shot, regardless of what the outcome of the finals would be. Both contestants entered that match with the understanding that, win or lose, they would be given another opportunity at the title and be given the rank of number 1 contender. And while Action Unlimited does recognize Bruno DeMaio as the number 1 contender to the Anthracite Championship, DeMaio was not medically cleared in time to sign on for a rematch. Just last week, Ted Garvin announced that unranked rookie AJ Evers would receive a title opportunity and main event the 1/10 showcase, effectively replacing Bruno and leaving the giant War Machine without an opponent.

"What more proof do you need? You replace a 350lb man....a tournament finalist with a track take him out of the match, right? And you replace him with a kid who hasn't even had 20 professional matches...and you put THAT kid up against an 8 year veteran who did a tour of Afghanistan and bounces heads in a federal prison 5 days a week. Nobody thinks thats crooked? If Ritch (Howe) had pulled this s*** a few years back, oh...that's all anyone'd be talking about. But Ted Garvin does it right under your noses, and nobody bats an eyelash? That's Action Unlimited for you, I guess."

Bruno, to that point, had dodged a very important question: His role in the cowardly assault carried out on Mike Collis in the semi-finals of the Anthracite Title Tournament by members of The Westies. To their somewhat appalling credit, both Westies were quick to fess up to the fact that, as suspected by many, they had been hired by an unnamed party to carry out the assault on Collis, presumably removing him from the tournament. Bruno, however, hadn't yet made a statement as of his phone call.

"They told you about that, did they? Couple of cagey dogs those two. It's all right....them guys are definitely going to get broken necks and head trauma from me soon enough. Yeah, I wanted a job done. Instead, these two go crazy and get themselves chased right out of the ring. Then they come back, all smiles, walked right out the door with my money. I figure a little insurance is never a bad thing, but those two guys screwed me. Next time I see them, I'll straighten them two right out."

Bruno left us with a parting statement that was, while expected, powerful and direct:

"When Collis is done fighting teenagers for charity he has nothing but a War Machine waiting for him. I hope slapping that kid around makes him confident. I can't wait to break his ego and become Anthracite Champion. And if Collis should slip on a banana peel, I'll take the Jack Briscoe looking kid in his spot. Don't matter to me...just another body murdered."

Action Unlimited

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Challenge Issued: "Banger" Ritch Howe Appears live on WKRZ, Issues $1000.00 Challenge To Justin Vacula as part of "The Jeff Walker Show"

The much-rumored open challenge by "Banger" Ritch Howe to controversial college student Justin Vacula was officially issued December 23rd on WKRZ FM's "The Jeff Walker Show". Radio Personality "Jumpin" Jeff Walker, who is a confessed pro wrestling fanatic, conducted the interview with "Banger" following his heated on-air debate with Justin Vacula on December 18th that saw Vacula end the interview prematurely. Following his appearance on WKRZ, Vacula has refused all media requests for statements or interviews. By contrast, Howe's interview, while no less controversial, was much more cordial.

"You're a what...not an amateur wrestler." Walker asked.

"You're killing me, Jeff." Banger shot back.

Semi-pro?" Walker asked.

"As far as (Vacula's) concerned, I'm the damned devil." Howe responded.

The outspoken Banger's tone didn't soften as the interview continued.

"So...what exactly would you do, or to...Justin Vacula should he accept your challenge?" Walker questioned.

"Oh, I'll definitely teach that boy some manners. He'll find God...oh, he'll pray come January 10th. Believe me when I say it, Jeff. He'll pray to the God he hates come January 10th." was Ritch's reply.

Jeff Walker then pointed the conversation towards the charity event on January 10th and Action Unlimited recent charity activity, but Howe was uninterested.

"I'll give you Ted Garvin's number if you want to talk about his promotion" Howe told Walker " If you're gonna try to turn this into the Ted Garvin show, then we're all done."

"Thats definitely not the case." Walker responded.

"This is my time. This deal is my deal. I found the donor and the money. Ted Garvin doesn't get to steal my heat this time." Ritch told Walker. In calmer moments, Howe did admit that he was happy to be performing for such a worthy cause, and was somewhat looking forward to performing in Mountaintop again.

"The people in Mountaintop aren't TOO bad. Mostly we get little kids and parents and stuff. When I start headbutting the scrubs between their eyes....the people in Mountaintop appreciate it. They're the kind of people who will hate your guts, but still cheer when you do something brutal." Ritch said. "Lucky for them, I intend to do lots of brutal stuff."

Action Unlimited has agreed to host a Howe vs Vacula "Folk Rules" exhibition on January 10th. An anonymous donor has agreed to donate $1000.00 in Justin Vacula's name to the Christopher Krout family on 1/10 should Vacula accept. Action Unlimited CEO Ted Garvin has put an expiration of midnight January 1st as the deadline to accept. Should Vacula decline "Banger's" challenge, Ritch will enter the 1/10 Tag Team Championship mini-Tournament with partner Head "The Ice Crusher".

As of this writing, Justin Vacula has not responded to said challenge in any way.

Action Unlimited

MountainTop Eagle Covers Krout Family Tragedy

Fire Destroys Home Of Wright Township Firefighter


A long-time Mountain Top volunteer firefighter lost his home to a fire on the morning of Friday, November 27th.

Chris Krout, Lieutenant and Training Officer for the Wright Township Fire Department, was en route with his family to North Carolina, when he received the call that his own home was on fire.

The home at 491 South Main Road was completely destroyed in the blaze, along with several vehicles and a camper. Krout and his family had lived at the home for approximately ten years.

The State Fire Marshall investigated the cause of the fire, but no official report has yet been released.

Krout has been a member of the Wright Township Fire Department since 2001, according to Randy Case, a volunteer firefighter with the Department who also serves as its President.

(to read the full story, click HERE)

BREAKING NEWS- Christopher Krout Will Be In The Corner Of AJ Evers 1/10

As the circumstances of AJ Ever's sudden ascent to the number 1 contendership began to unfold, Wright Township Fireman Christopher Krout made his name and presence felt as he announced that he would manage and second Evers during his title opportunity January 10th. It will mark Evers first title opportunity in pro wrestling, and will be Krout's debut in the managment field.

As most know, Chris Krout's family lost their home on Thanksgiving day to a freak blaze that destroyed everything the family owned. Action Unlimited CEO Ted Garvin immediately announced "Action Unlimited 2: Winter Showcase" as a benefit showcase with all proceeds benefitting Krout's family. As a personal favor to Krout, Garvin granted his request to name AJ Evers no.1 contender, effectively giving Evers a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to claim championship gold.

"Action Unlimited is, and will always be, a place for opportunity" stated Ted Garvin. "We do, and we will, recognise a standard ranking system. We will also grant arbitrary opportunities from time to time. I will deliver to our fans the very best showcase each and every time. In speaking to Mike (Collis, Action Unlimited Anthracite Champion), I definitely got the impression that he thinks highly of AJ, and is extremely happy to be able to make his first title defense against an athlete with the heart and drive of Evers. I anticipate a very spirited contest between these two."

In speaking with us, Mike Collis was just as optimistic, and extremely confident, as he was in dealings with the CEO.

"Pound for pound, AJ may be the best athlete on the roster right now." Collis commented "Sure, I'd like to prove my case against Bruno DeMaio...erase the doubts about my title win. I definitely want a piece of both "Westies" as soon as I get a chance. All of that stuff can wait, though. For this event...with how important it is to the families involved, to our community and's important that we make a statement. I expect AJ will show up very prepared and that he will take this opportunity very seriously."

Since the announcement of this Main Event match, AJ Evers has be uncommunicative, with heavy speculation having Evers engaged in a rigorous training regimen to prepare for his title opportunity January 10th. We look forward to an opportunity to sit down and talk to AJ Evers, and we will bring you that interview as soon as possible. Until then, keep checking back, and we'll see you on January 10th!

Action Unlimited

Monday, December 21, 2009

Action Unlimited endorses "Banger's" Challenge; Howe rumored to appear on Steve Corbett Show today.

In an absolutely stunning move, Action Unlimited : Anthracite Wrestling has ENDORSED "Banger" Ritch Howe's challenge to controversial NEPA personality Justin Vacula.

"This has less to do with bowing to Howe's wishes and more to do with bringing in as much money as we possibly can for the Christopher Krout family." said Action Unlimited CEO Ted Garvin this morning via telephone. " I have personally spoken to the rumored donor, and there's really no rumor pr mystery about it anymore. (The donor) has authorized us to make an offer to Justin Vacula, so we will. And since Ritch is so well entrenched in the situation already, he can go ahead and clean up his own mess. In short, if Ritch wants to challenge Justin Vacula for 1/10 at Action Unlimited 2, we will support his decision, and accommodate the match in any way we can."

The hypothetical match, which is far from a finished deal, would be presented as an exhibition to accommodate Mr. Vacula's status as a non-wrestler. The bout would be a singe round 5 minute affair. Both men will be barred from striking in any manner, and both men must keep the action inside the ring. Should Mr. Vacula accept these terms, $1000.00 will be donated in Justin Vacula's name to the Christopher Krout family.

As we have covered here in the last several weeks, Christopher Krout is a Wright Township Firefighter who lost his home to a Thanksgiving Day blaze. Action Unlimited: Anthracite Wrestling presents "Action Unlimited 2: Winter Showcase" on January 10th at Wright Township Firehall as a benefit for the Krout family. To read a more detailed account of the fire and the resulting woes, click here.

It has been heavily rumored that Howe will make his much anticipated challenge Monday evening live as part of the Steve Corbett radio show on WILK 103.1. The show runs from 3pm to 7pm EST.

Justin Vacula has yet to respond publicly to the challenge or acknowledge Howe's comments in any way.

-Action Unlimited

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Breaking News: "Banger" Challenges Non-Wrestler Justin Vacula for 1/10?????

We're getting more details as the day goes on, but they're very sketchy. "This person told that person" sketchy. I beg the reader to take this information with a grain of salt.

From what we can gather, at some point on Friday evening Action Unlimited wrestler "Banger" Ritch Howe dropped a challenge to the controversial Justin Vacula. Vacula is a Wilkes-Barre area college student who has gained considerable controversy in the local media for his staunch social beliefs. Howe, without the permission of Action Unlimited, made a challenge to this effect : If Justin Vacula accepts a five minute exhibition match (Justin Vacula , mind you, is in no way, shape, or form a trained pro wrestler) an unnamed person will donate $1000.00 to Christopher Krout and family, the charity "Action Unlimited 2: Winter Showcase" is set to benefit January 10.

Earlier today we contacted Action Unlimited CEO Ted Garvin. While obviously very apprehensive about the situation, Garvin stated that he had heard the rumors we had heard, but was also not in a position to comment on Ritch's challenge. He also reiterated that "Banger" is currently scheduled to contend for the new Anthracite Tag Team Championship teaming with Head The Ice Crusher on January 10th, and has heard no news of any lineup changes. In short, Garvin has no news, and as of this writing, has not endorsed or acknowledged Howe's actions.

Ritch Howe, for his part, has gone unusually quiet. Outside of posts on his personal Facebook ( some of the recent entries include: "Hahahahahahaha Judges sold kids into slavery....and are more popular than Justin "Eat Me" Vacula." and "...Looks like Justin Vacula eats s&!t. $10 says we never hear his name again.") "Banger" has been uncharacteristically mum regarding the situation.

Ritch has announced that, at some point Monday evening, he will contact WILK 103.1 FM personality Steve Corbett and make his challenge live on air.

Justin Vacula has made no comment regarding "Banger" Ritch Howe in any outlet.

We will bring you more on this bizarre situation as it unfolds.

-Action Unlimited

Thursday, December 17, 2009

An Open Letter From Action Unlimited CEO Ted Garvin


We recieved this message via email 10:00pm EST 12/14/09. Our apologies in the delay.

From The Desk of Action Unlimited CEO Ted Garvin,

My goals as founder and CEO of Action Unlimited is to present the best quality show possible and to bring pro wrestling home to northeast PA for the fans and the wrestlers. Much faster than we anticipated, and thanks in full to the tremendous support of our fans, Action Unlimited is the number 1 Pro Wrestling promotion in northeast PA. I personally will take every opportunity I get to thank the wonderful fans of our product for their support, and guarantee them that I will always do everything in my power to present the very finest in Pro Wrestling.

Over the Thanksgiving holiday, Christopher Kraut took his family to visit relatives in the Carolinas. When they returned home the next day, they found that their home had been engulfed by a massive fire in their absence, and that everything they owned was now ashes. Christopher Kraut has been a member of the Wright Township Fire Department for several years, and has assisted in saving countless homes from the very same fate that befell his own. Now, in this holiday season, and with the Kraut family needing everyone's support, we at Action Unlimited will do everything in our power to see that the Krauts are not left out in the cold. On January 10th, we present our second action-packed night of Pro Wrestling with "Winter Showcase 2010" eminating live from Wright Township Fire Company in Mountaintop. Wright Township Firehall's time in the pro wrestling business predates my own, but I have seen and personally attended many shows at Wright Township in the past. This time, however, it's OUR turn to showcase OUR brand of Anthracite Wrestling for the first time in Mountaintop...and the cause couldn't be better.

On a final note, much has been made of my decision to rate previously unranked AJ Evers to the role of number 1 contender. Indeed much can be made of the point that Evers has not beaten anyone to deserve a title shot. Moreso perhaps is the concern that AJ Evers is, to my understanding, 18 years old and "hasn't yet had 20 professional matches". Bruno DeMaio has even openly stated bias against him as he does have a guaranteed title shot owed to him. These are all valid points, yet they do not sway my decision. I'm sure everyone can understand my position if they look closely.

Action Unlimited is, and will always be, a company founded and based on opportunity...not guarantees. In speaking with several members of the Action Unlimited staff, including Mike Collis himself, I became aware of how highly everyone regards AJ. Very few people I have spoken to over the last few weeks have overlooked his efforts in and outside of Anthracite Wrestling. Evers possesses skills akin to any other roster member while also being the youngest. I'm very interested to see what Evers can do with a title shot. To be completely honest, I really think this will be a fantastic match. In speaking with AJ, it certainly seems like he understands fully what he stands to gain should he be successful. Mike Collis, on the other hand, is a champion who has faced more proven competetion than AJ. Remember also that while Collis had the endurance to face off against 3 heavyweights en route to the championship, Evers didn't even escape the first round. Again...interesting.

Thank you all for taking the time to read this. Again, I appreciate your support more than you will ever know. From my family to yours...Happy Holidays!

Ted G.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Rachel Townsend arrives in Action Unlimited; immediately signs "The Westies"


Our thanks to Ms. Rachel Towsend for providing the above photo

Valley Pro Wrestling personality Rachel Townsend announced today via her personal Facebook that she would soon debut in Action Unlimited. The vivacious and highly controversial Townsend then dropped a bombshell. In a direct quote "Ritch and I have an understanding."

Literally moments later, we received a message from our people in the head offices, and it was juicy: Rachel Townsend has signed The Westies and is their exclusive manager. To get things rolling, she immediately entered her new charges into the 4 Team Championship tournament on January 10th. In just over three weeks, we will see first hand what effect "Lay Rae" will have.

Without a doubt, Ms. Townsend's reputation does precede her. In 2007, Rachel managed "The New Jersey Independent All Stars" to much success on the NEPA Pro Wrestling scene. Her "backstage" romance with Valley competitor Jerry "Vin Gerard" Durling was hardly kept secret, and it was a visible driving force behind several of HIS controversial actions around the same time. Both Durling and Townsend would leave soon afterward, but not before finding herself in yet ANOTHER bizarre backstage situation with promoter Richard Wech. Townsend's return was negotiated by Wech several months later, but when Townsend failed to appear for several scheduled appearances, the writing was on the wall.

This is, however, a very different situation. Townsend shares blood with a member of "The Westies"; she is the half-sister of one "Banger" Ritch Howe. And with bonds of loyalty now definitely stronger than ever to her clients, will Rachel repeat her success of a few years ago, or will she and her team get swallowed by the drama cloud yet again?

Anthracite Tag Team Titles to be decided January 10th

In bringing a new regional championship to the area, Action Unlimited: Anthracite Wrestling made NEPA history in 2009 when we crowned our very first Anthracite Champion. Looking to make NEPA history once again in 2010, Action Unlimited: Anthracite Wrestling announced today a 4 team "Mini-tournament" to crown the very first ever Action Unlimited Anthracite Tag Team Champions.

The competing teams, unique in both styles and experience, will take part in the opening two matches of "Winter Showcase" with the winners of these respective bouts to face each other in the second half of the showcase. Each team, handpicked by Action Unlimited CEO Ted Garvin, carries with it undeniable abilities and a drive to make history. Here are the participants...

1) The New Franchise- Japan's favorite American tag team "returns to the states" to compete on January 10th. Of the announced teams, none has the experience tagging exclusively that the New Franchise possesses. Ric Ryder, the obvious "Enforcer" is an intimidating sight and force, while K'ras Van Tasle, technical standout with a concrete jaw, seems the tactician of the two. Make no mistake about it; The New Franchise is VERY capable of becoming the first Action Unlimited Anthracite Tag Team Champions.

2) "Wild Thing" Mikey Vaughn & Ryan "Acid" Zero- Vaughn makes his return to NEPA competition on this night as he teams for the very first time with lightening quick Ryan "Acid" Zero. Vaughn and Zero met only weeks ago at an Action Unlimited training session and have made arrangements to team ever since. According to reports, Vaughn has put on a good deal of muscle and is hitting harder than ever. Mixing "Wild Thing's" precision and strike accuracy with Zero's fearless ring style is a recipe for success many have said. This may be the team to watch on January 10.

3) The Westies- Fresh from a cowardly, two-on-one, Pearl Harbor attack on Anthracite Champion Mike Collis, Head The Ice Crusher and "Banger" Ritch Howe slime their way into the third slot of the mini-tournament. Easily the most hated competitors in Action Unlimited, Howe and Crusher have upped their chances just hours ago by signing exclusively with talent manager Rachel Townsend, a young lady who has a tremendous track record managing teams in well as a tremendous reputation for causing trouble wherever she goes. Having Ms. Townsend at the helm of The Westies is, as on competitor told me, "like adding matches to dynamite and gasoline."

4) The Mystery Team- Virtually nothing that was generally stated about the competitors can be 100% applied to this team. The reason? We have absolutely no idea who they are, and no one will tell us anything!

To be fair, we did speak to Action Unlimited CEO Ted Garvin about the situation, he did assure us that while he wouldn't reveal the identity of the team until January 10th, he promised that "everyone will definitely have a good time with this." Knowing Garvin's recent penchant for shaking things up (more on that later today) it can be virtually assured that whatever he has up his sleeve will be a complete surprise for The Westies, who won't know the identity of their opponents until they step into the ring.

DeMaio Still Injured; Rookie AJ Evers Named No. 1 Contender


Those fans in attendance live on November 20th of this year witnessed Anthracite Tournament finalist "War Machine" Bruno DeMaio suffer what many thought could be a very serious injury. Bruno, a monster of a man tipping the scales at well over 350lbs, was brought down from behind by Anthracite Champion Mike Collis, twisting his knee and bringing the big man crashing to the mat.

Bruno has vented his frustration is several outlets, making it clear that he was aware of the injury and how serious it may have been. He further claims this to be the reason for his surrender during the matches final moments....and not because of the effect of Collis' "Fallujah Neckvice". DeMaio's surrender has made Collis the champion, DeMaio reminds us, but Bruno himself has a guaranteed rematch by virtue of his appearance in the final round of the tournament.

Fate, it seems, always has a way of complicating things.

First, there is good news and bad news for Bruno. Action Unlimited ringside physician, Dr. Patrick "Skip" Krenwinkle, was on hand to give Bruno immediate care. He has diagnosed Bruno's knee issue as "simple to low moderate" and has stated that Bruno won't miss any significant time. The good doctor was able to perform a simple therapeutic procedure, and DeMaio was able to walk out of the arena on his own power. As of this writing, Bruno is healthy will be on hand January 10th, a promise he has made to this reporter personally.

Unfortunately for Bruno, now for the bad news.

While Bruno does have a title opportunity due him, Dr Krenwinkle would not clear Bruno medically in time for Bruno to sign for a title match on January 10th. With the date drawing closer, and with the obvious importance on a quality showcase, Action Unlimited CEO Ted Garvin made a perplexing and intriguing decision regarding the Championship bout at Winter Showcase: Replacing DeMaio in the contest with unranked rookie AJ Evers, who has had less than 20 professional matches.

Ted Garvin has promised a statement on the matter soon, and we anxiously await hearing from our fearless leader. Until then, check back often for all the latest in Anthracite Wrestling.

) Action Unlimited Returns January 10th To Wright Township Firehall with "Winter Showcase 2010: Collis vs Evers". A Benefit For Christopher Kraut.


Happy Holidays Action-holics!

On January 10th, Pro Wrestling returns to Mountaintop like never before with Action Unlimited: Anthracite Wrestling. On this date, Action Unlimited will host "Winter Showcase 2010: Collis vs Evers" LIVE at the Wright Township Firehall (477 S. Main Road Mountaintop). This showcase, the first Pro Wrestling showcase in Mountaintop in almost 2 year, will be a fundrasier for Chris Kraut and family, who lost their home to a Thanksgiving day fire. Action Unlimited and our sponsors have volunteered the day to this wonderful cause, and will donate all proceeds from the even directly to the family.

We here at Action Unlimited: Anthracite Wrestling and our families were deeply saddened and moved to action by the terrible events that have befallen Mr. Kraut. For those unaware, Mr. Kraut and family left for a holiday excursion to visit family several states away. While they were gone, a fire started int heir home, leaving it completely destroyed. All of the family's possessions, including a family car and all of their personal belongings, were also destroyed, leaving the Kraut's in a very tough position this holiday season. Action Unlimited will stand up and do what they can on January 10th....and we wholeheartedly encourage you to do the same.

Happy Holidays from Action Unlimited, and we hope to see you January 10th!