Saturday, January 30, 2010

"Feb. 25th Is CLOBBERING TIME!" Collis And Zero Prepare For "Indestructible"

As has been reported in various outlets numerous times, former Anthracite Champion Mike "Cannon" Collis was the victim of a cowardly and vicious attack purpotrated by the current Action Unlimited Tag Team Champions, The Westies, last November during the Anthracite Championship Tournament. The attack was initiated by current Number One Contender Bruno DeMaio, who paid The Westies to injure Collis and eliminate him from the Tournament, ensuring DeMaio's victory in the tournament. Since November, Collis has waited patiently to settle his grudge with The Westies, and on February 25th, his opportunity will finally come.

"Most guys don't know what their career is worth to someone else. I do...$800.00. Thats how much I've heard Bruno paid "Banger" and Head to take me out at the Nanticoke Armory. They came very close. My ribs and kidneys are still killing me. I remember every single second of it, and I intend to inflict every single second of it back on both Westies ass. "

Collis seems very aware that it's not only him, but his partner for the night Ryan "Acid" Zero that has tasted the Westies steel chair in the past.

"I didn't know how it would go at first, asking someone for their title shot and all. I half expected to get blown off. But (Mike) Vaughn saw how bad his partner got hurt last show, and understands his need for revenge. So when I asked if I could take Vaughn's place in January, he knew exactly where I was coming from. When he agreed, and once the arraingements were made, we started working on our game plan. We're taking The Westies out on Feb. 25th, and we don't care if he whole world knows it."

This match on the direct order of Action Unlimited CEO Ted Garvin, who remarked about the attacks in this past weeks open email.

"The behavior of "The Westies" is getting out of hand. They are extremely talented wrestlers, no doubt about it. But this constant need for attention, this mafia-style "hit for hire" stuff, It won't fly here. And before I start throwing around a rule book or opening myself up to trouble by firing people, I try to teach them a lesson in the ring. And I firmly believe that Collis and Zero are capable of doing just that. It will be an absolute honor to have these two gentlemen as out Champions, and hey have my best wishes in this match."

We briefly spoke to an outraged Rachel Townsend, who did little more than shout incoherantly and promise a statement from The Westies soon. No further ontact has been made with the champions at this time.

Throughout this unusual situation, "The Cannon" remains confident.

"In talking to Ryan, I am CERTAIN that he understands my point and wants retribution as badly as I do. We're ready, we're focused, and we will be the new Action Unlimited tag team Champions. You guys may call this show "Indestructible", but for me, Feb. 25th is CLOBBERIN' TIME!"

Keep checking back for further developments.

-Action Unlimited

Tuesday, January 26, 2010


From The Desk Of Action Unlimited CEO Ted Garvin

This comes directly from an email sent to us by Action Unlimited CEO Ted Garvin.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank all of our wonderful fans who came out and supported a good cause on January 10th. Not only were we able to raise a great deal of money for the Christopher Krout family, but also for the local Cub Scout troop who handled the concessions. Everyone who was involved, most especially the fans, deserve a big thank you.

On February 25th, we return to action right here in the Wyoming Valley with our third showcase: "Action Unlimited III: Indestructible". At this particular showcase, you will see our new Anthracite Champion "Indestructible" A.J. Evers as he defends his title against number one challenger Bruno "War Machine" DeMaio in AJ's first title defense since winning the championship. Action Unlimited does recognize Mike "The Cannon" Collis as the number one challenger to whomever wins in this main event matchup.

On that note, I would like to take this opportunity to announce a few more match-ups we will be presenting on February 25. Action Unlimited does have new Tag-Team Champions, The Westies, "Banger" Ritch Howe and Head The Ice Crusher. Now, regardless of how the actual ending of the match went down, Action Unlimited has no choice but to respect the referee's final decision and recognize The Westies as our Tag-Team Champions. However, I am well aware of the fact that a steel chair was involved. I am also aware of Mike Collis' request that, after the brutal beating he himself took with a steel chair at the hands of the same perpetrators, he be given an opportunity to face The Westies under any conditions.

With these circumstances in mind, I am announcing that on February 25th, The Westies will defend their new Action Unlimited Tag-Team Championship against "The Cannon" Mike Collis and Ryan "Acid" Zero in a No Disqualifications Match. I have spoken with Ryan Zero's tag team partner, Mike Vaughn, about the situation, and he was very happy to give Collis an opportunity to avenge his attack. Mike Vaughn will be in action as well on that night, and we will announce his opponent soon.

We have several new acquisitions to Action Unlimited in the past week, and we will have them in competition on February 25th. Action Unlimited Anthracite Wrestling will strive to bring you fresh faces and new styles in the upcoming year, and the vast array of talents possessed by our new arrivals is second to none. We are in for a very exciting showcase at "Unbreakable" to say the least.

At our last event there apparently was a gentleman whom, to my understanding, purchased a ticket, then ran into the ring and punched "Banger" Ritch Howe squarely in the jaw. Now let me make this crystal clear to everyone reading : Fans rushing the ring will NOT BE TOLERATED in Action Unlimited. This individual is very lucky that he was recognized by several wrestlers at the show, or serious criminal charges would have been filed. I can assure everyone reading that, with God as my witness, if and when such events transpire again...wrestler or not...whomever rushes the ring will spend a night in jail.

As I was leaving the Wright Township Firehall that night, I had an opportunity to speak with this individual. What I learned was that this man was not just a random fan looking to start trouble, but a very accomplished wrestler with a legitimate ax to grind with a member of our talent staff. Good wrestling, in my opinion, is born of situations like this one. I have done a great deal of thinking on the matter, but as of now I am pleased to announce that NEPA Pro Wrestling Standout Vin Gerard will be featured on our upcoming showcase February 25.

With such a wealth of experience and ability, I feel it only right that as Vin Gerard's first match in Action Unlimited, I present a match that many fans have asked for. In his debut Vin Gerard will face Matt Turner One-On-One for the first time anywhere. I am absolutely sure this match will tear the house down, and is yet another reason to get your tickets to "Action Unlimited 3: Unbreakable" as soon as possible.

Doshu Sappo and his protege "The Butcher Of Giza" Khufu have made agreements this week. Rather, Doshu Sappo made agreements for both he and his "client". At no point in our conversations did Khufu speak to anyone other than Doshu, although Khufu was not unruly or threatening at all towards me. He did speak a language that I am not familiar with, but Doshu was able to help us through a few points of interest. They are both exceptionally talented and a huge positive addition to our roster. I have every reason to believe that Khufu's official debut will be on February 25 at "Unbreakable", and as soon as I have that confirmed, I will make sure it is announced.

Again, thank you so much for taking the time to read this. I say this time and again...Action Unlimited Anthracite Wrestling is the Number 1 Pro Wrestling promotion in all of NEPA, and we have our wonderful fans to thank for it. It is you who keep us going strong and making a difference, and we will never ever forget it.

Until next time, take care and be safe. Much happiness to all,

Ted Garvin, Action Unlimited CEO

"I'm Not Afraid Of Bruno DeMaio." Evers Prepares For "Indestructible"

Action Unlimited Anthracite Champion "Unbreakable" AJ Evers is not in an enviable position on the night of February 25th. On that date, Evers puts his newly won Championship on the line against quite possibly the most dangerous competitor in Anthracite Wrestling...the 350+lb Number One ranked challenger "War Machine" Bruno DeMaio. This match, two months in the making for DeMaio and the first title defense by Evers, will headline "Action Unlimited 3:INDESTRUCTIBLE" at Hanover Area Senior High School on 2/25.

"I can't start to tell you what this title reign means to me." AJ told us in a telephone conversation yesterday afternoon. "Having all those people come and congratulate me when I won it was amazing. Now I get a chance to show them that they picked the right guy."

Evers, just 18 years old, is the youngest recognized major champion in the entire state of Pennsylvania. Still, in speaking with AJ, his confidence seemed at an all time high.

"I know what people must think, but let me guarantee you; I'm not scared of Bruno DeMaio. I wasn't scared of Mike Collis, and I'm not scared of being Anthracite Champion. My challengers will find out quick that "Indestructible" isn't just my nickname. I plan on defending this title every chance I get against whoever deserves a shot. I'm not going to duck anybody."

Evers must definitely have the future on his mind, as the former champion "Cannon" Mike Collis lays in waiting for his guaranteed rematch. Collis, who was defeated by Evers on January 10th at Wright Township Firehall, will become No. 1 contender to the championship once the obligation to DeMaio is fulfilled. DeMaio, coincidentally, lost the final match of the Anthracite title tournament in November to "The Cannon".

Anthracite Wrestling newcomer Matt Turner has been heavily rumored to be in Bruno's corner for his upcoming title match. When asked about this, and how it may affect the match outcome, Evers didn't seem concerned.

"I'll be honest. If I had a psychotic being from thousands of years ago chasing after me, I probably wouldn't stand right out in the open. People keep asking me if I have a plan for Turner during the match, but maybe they should be asking if Turner and Bruno have a plan for KHUFU during the match."

DeMaio's problems with Khufu and Doshu Sappo have been well documented here. Both Khufu and Sappo have an agreement with Action Unlimited that began sometime earlier this week. More on that in a later post.

To close out our conversation, AJ looked to the future with optimism. "Right now I'm definitely motivated to be the best champion I can be. I don't ever want to sound arrogant, but it definitely feels like right now is my time. I have the fans support, I have the support of most my fellow wrestlers and my family....I feel like a champion, and I intend to hold this title for a very long time."

Keep checking back for more news and information.

-Action Unlimited

Monday, January 18, 2010


Starting February 1st, Action Unlimited will open the doors of it's brand new Pro Wrestling Institute & Training Center. It is the only full-time training facility in the NEPA region, and will be accessbile for new trainees and veterans alike.

"We're beyond excited to be announcing this." Action Unlimited CEO Ted Garvin told us Monday morning. "I've marveled in the past at how quickly our fans have taken to our concept. I hear often the appreciation people have for our style of physical wrestling. This training facility gives our performers an opportunity to push themselves into the next level, and for new wrestlers to "get their feet wet" as they say."

"Bringing a training center like this one to the area is one more big step Action Unlimited has taken in the last year." Garvin continued. "Now the opportunity is there for even more performers to get involved, and for us to make our mark in NEPA. Like I've said before, we are the Number.1 Pro Wrestling promotion in all of NEPA thanks to our fans. Now we'll take our shows to the next level and keep the "Unlimited Action" coming."

The new training center (Which, ironiclly, is located on Anthracite St. In Wilkes-Barre) opens it's doors on Monday, February 1st, and will cater to every level of Pro Wrestling experience. Enrollment information can be obtained by contacting Action Unlimited through their Facebook account HERE.

You can also email Action Unlimited at

As always, more information as it becomes available.

-Action Unlimited

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Assailant Identified: "Banger" Assaulted By VIN GERARD????

Video proof does not lie.

Action Unlimited CEO Ted Garvin has positively identified the man who accosted Ritch Howe at the finale of the first round match-up in the Mini-tournament pitting The Westies against Guts And Glory.

The man pictured is none other than NEPA Pro Wrestling standout Vin Gerard.

Vin Gerard, as many of our fans know, is an accomplished Pro Wrestler with many top name promotions throughout the US. While no obvious reason for an attack is known, Gerard's past relationship with Howe's younger sister, Rachel Townsend, has been well documented in the past. Eyewitnesses of the attack Sunday have quoted Gerard as screaming "Where is she?" over and over at Howe.

Gerard was chased on foot by Head The Ice Crusher and a host of Action Unlimited security before dashing out the front door of Wright Township Fire. No criminal charges were pursued.

Coincidentally, Ms. Towsend was absent from this past weekends tournament, citing pervious engagements. The Westies employ Ms. Townsend as their business manager, and she was announced as being expected at "Winter Showcase".

Suddenly, her absence takes on a more mysterious tone.

Ted Garvin, once made aware of the situation Sunday, has tried multiple times to contact Gerard. Garvin's feelings on the subject remain mixed.

"I have a lot on my mind regarding this situation..." Garvin told us via telephone Saturday morning. "Obviously we can't have people rushing the ring and doing whatever they want. An employee of mine was assaulted on my watch....and I can't tolerate that. On the other hand, Vin Gerard is a phenomenal talent, and I can relate with anyone who'd want to take a shot at "The Banger". I'm definitely giving this situation a lot of thought."

Garvin has promised a statement soon. The recipient of the attack, one "Banger" Ritch Howe, was less optimistic.

"Ted Garvin walks around like he's Barak Obama or something, swearing he's going to change the business" Howe barked via telephone Saturday afternoon. "Then something actually happens, and he's completely useless. Guys run in from the crowd and jump his wrestlers, and he's got nothing. Typical."

Vin Gerard has not contacted us at in any way. Multiple phone calls and emails have gone unanswered.

As usual, more on this bizarre situation as it unravels.

-Action Unlimited

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Breaking News: Action Unlimited III: "Indestructible" Announced For Feb 25th!

Action Unlimited Anthracite Wrestling is thrilled to announce our third showcase event. Action Unlimited III: "Indestructible" emanates LIVE from Hanover Area Junior/Senior High School on Thursday night, February 25th, with a 7:00 PM Belltime.
Tickets are still just $8 ($10 Front Row Ringside), and will be available on January 21st.

Only one match has been announced so far, and it's a doozy folks: NEW Action Unlimited Anthracite Champion "Indestructible" AJ Evers defends his new championship for the very first time against the recognized Number 1 contender....350+ lb "War Machine" Bruno DeMaio.

We will have much more info throughout the week. As always, keep it here.

-Action Unlimited

Three Debuts And A Decade Old Rivalry: Matt Turner, Doshu Sappo, and Khufu arrive in Action Unlimited.

Bruno DeMaio's presence at "Winter Showcase" was expected, announced. His challenge at the beginning of the show to the winner of the main event was something that anyone who has any experience with Bruno could have called, and indeed, expected. The arrival of Matt Turner on the scene was a bit of a gasp moment, but anyone who has followed Turner's career, or Bruno's for that matter, could probably have predicted Turner's presence. They are, after all, current tag-team partners in a host of east coast Pro Wrestling promotions, and have trained together for nearly a decade.

Not even the arrival of Doshu Sappo, who's own story we have covered on this blog, was much of a shakeup. Arriving after Bruno called him out of the dressing room, Doshu's words and their results left the audience and staff of Action Unlimited speechless.

"It's true that you took me out 10 years ago, Bruno. You left me broken in half...but I'm back. I'm here in Action Unlimited, and I'm not alone. I have someone with me who's blood you've spilled. You took him out a decade ago , too. Now, like me, he is here for revenge. KHUFU HAS COME FOR YOU!"

A furious Bruno snatched up the house mic and grabbed Doshu's collar. "Smarter guys than you know not to say that name around me. Everyone knows that (former Valley competitor) Adam Morris is dead and buried. He's been retired forever...."

"...but the spirit LIVES!" Doshu responded. "He is reborn...he is here NOW!..."

"I've had enough of this" DeMaio shouted, and as he did, the entire Wright Township Firehall and every one of it's 200+ occupants were drenched in total darkness. When the lights returned, Bruno set his eyes on "The Hammer of Giza" for the first time in a decade. Reborn into a new body, the mighty "Butcher Of Egypt" has gained in size, strength, and speed from his previous incarnation. This Khufu, more savage, more vacant, and more homicidal then ever before.

Setting on DeMaio immediately, Turner instinctively defended his 350+ lb partner, prompting Doshu Sappo to join in the brawl. What resulted in 15 of the most violent, depraved, and vicious minutes Wright Township Firehall has ever seen. Action Unlimited CEO Ted Garvin ordered the locker room cleared and order was restored after several minutes,

It is unclear if Doshu Sappo or Khufu work in Action Unlimited. Calls to Action Unlimited CEO Ted Garvin have not been returned timely as of late. For the record, both Turner and DeMaio are recognized Action Unlimited competitors.

We will have more on this very strange and explosive situation as it develops.

Action Unlimited

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

The Westies Become Action Unlimited's FIRST Tag Team Champions.

Action Unlimited Ring Announcer Chris Decker may have put it best when he conducted an interview with The Westies following their Championship victory this past Sunday; "By hook or by crook, The Westies have done it. They are the new Action Unlimited Tag Team Champions."

The road to victory wasn't all wine and roses for the new champions. In the first round, they faced "The Mystery Team" of Sgt. Bob Dick and Sgt. JP Karpovich....Guts & Glory, a team with a notable history with both Westies. In fact, several times throughout the bout, a GNG victory seemed only moments away. Sgt Dick's poor temper, mixed with an equally cranky referee led do a Guts & Glory DQ well as a "Fire For Effect" on a victorious (and battered) Head The Ice Crusher.

Immediately following the match, a man ran out of the crowd and attacked "Banger" Ritch Howe from behind. "Banger" and the as-yet identified man scrapped at ringside for several minutes before the assailant fled through the front door of Wright Township Fire. We do understand that the man was detained by event security as he attempted to leave the parking lot, though no name or face has yet been released.

In the finals, the battered Westies faced Ryan Zero and Mike Vaughn...a team that had a challenging, but successful first round performance against the debuting team of High Voltage and Cletus Gambino. Possessing the best tag skills of any other team in the tournament, Vaughn and Zero's statement in the first round was heard loud and clear by the live crowd. They entered the finals facing The Westies recognized as the odds on favorites....

A steel chair changed all that.

After a brutal match which showcased the very best of each teams repoitore, Ryan Zero was able to make a well-timed tag and enter the fray when Vaughn needed his help the most. Taking on both Westies by himself, Zero had suceeded in locking "Banger" in his "D-Riot" submission and had victory in his grasp. Unfortunately, the referee was preoccupied with removing Vaughn from the ring, and completely missed Ice Crusher entering illegally and striking Zero with a foreign this case, a steel chair. It marks the second time in as many showcases that The Westies have used a steel chair to dramatically alter the outcome of a tournament. This time, the benefactors of such an attack were themselves.

Begrudgingly, we here at Action Unlimited would like to congratulate "Banger" Ritch Howe and Head The Ice Crusher, The Westies, on becoming the first-ever Action Unlimited Tag Team Champions.

- Action Unlimited

Monday, January 11, 2010


When the referee's hand hit the mat for the third time in Sunday nights main event, former champion Mike Collis spun around to face him and held up two fingers.

"Two?" he asked in desperation

The referee shook his head. Holding up three fingers, the referee looked directly at Collis and simply said "Three" before calling for the bell. In that moment, the crowd realized what they had just seen. Unranked AJ Evers, the upstart rookie who found himself at the center of controversy surrounding this title opportunity, earned the biggest victory of his young career....and became a champion in one swoop.Action Unlimited has a new Anthracite Champion...and the new champion is still just as shocked as the rest of the world.

"I just can't believe it" Evers told us in the dressing room following his victory Sunday night. "I've dreamed of being a champion all my life. I never dreamed it would happen so fast."

The former champion, while visibly dejected, was total class.

"Tonight was his night" Collis told us. "Sometimes, no matter what you do, they guy across the ring from you has your number. People talked about AJ's inexperience, but he was beyond talented tonight. Plus, he was extremely lucky. Ask any card player and they'll tell you: it's always better to be lucky than good."

Evers luck, however, will be in question come this February 25th, when Bruno DeMaio cashes in his No.1 contender's title opportunity against the young champion. We hope to have comments from everyone involved in this situation in the coming days.

Our congratulations to "Indestructable" AJ Evers on becoming the NEW Action Unlimited Anthracite Champion!

Action Unlimited 2: "Winter Showcase" Quick Results

Tag Tournament First Round- Mike Vaughn & Ryan "Acid" Zero defeat Highh Voltage & Cletus Gambino by pinfall.

Tag Tournament First Round- The Westies ("Banger" Ritch Howe & Head The Ice Crusher) defeated Guts & Glory by DQ.

Cadillac Stanks defeated Ray Ray Mars and Darius Carter by pinfall.

An interview segment with Bruno DeMaio and Matt Turner turned into an improptu brawl involving Bruno, Turner, a returning Doshu Sappo, and a debuting Khufu. The 4 person brawl went all over the building for several minutes, and was finally broken up by members of the roster.

The Westies defeated Mike Vaugh and Ryan "Acid" Zero by pinfall to become the first Action Unlimited Tag Team Champions.

"Indestructable" AJ Evers defeated Mike "Cannon" Collis by pinfall to become the NEW Anthracite Heavyweight Champion

More information and Photos coming in the next few hours. Keep it here.

-Action Unlimited

Friday, January 1, 2010

Vacula Declines; "Banger" To Compete In Tag Championship Mini-Tournament

As of 12:00 am January 1st, controversial Wilkes-Barre college student Justin Vacula has failed to respond to a challenge laid out by Action Unlimited competitor "Banger" Ritch Howe approx. 1 week ago. Howe had stated in his interview with WKRZ Radio Personality "Jumpin" Jeff Walker that Vacula had until midnight New Years Day to respond.

According to Howe, Mr. Vacula has made no attempt to contact him. We at Action Unlimited blogspot have likewise received no correspondence from Justin Vacula of any sort. We can only assume , under the circumstances, that Mr. Vacula's silence can only mean he is declining the challenge. Howe had stated during his interview with Walker that, should Vacula decline, Ritch would be competing in the Tag-Team Championship Mini-Tournament on January 10 as part of "Action Unlimited II: Winter Showcase".

Action Unlimited CEO Ted Garvin had remarked early on in this controversial situation that Howe had already signed, and was therefore expected to compete in the tournament. We , again, can only assume this to be the situation, and we will do our best to confirm all information as soon as possible.

As we probably should have expected, the equally controversial "Banger" Ritch Howe has promised a statement in the near future.

Keep it right here for all breaking news.

Action Unlimited.


From Our Family To Your Family.....All of us here @ Action Unlimited: Anthracite Wrestling would like to wish you a very Happy, Healthy, and Joyous New Year!