Sunday, June 20, 2010


"Cannon" Mike Collis, Mac Robo, & "The Jewel Of Tokyo" Doshu Sappo defeated Joey Image & Better Than You when Sappo pinned Shawn Andrews following a "Rising Sun" neckbreaker. Joey Image refused to tag in during the match. (Joey Image issued an open challenge following the 6-Man Tag Team match, which was answered by Action Unlimited newcomer Tomahawk)

"Native American Sensation" Tomahawk defeated Joey Image by pinfall after a Superfly Splash.

Autumn Breeze and Jessie Belle went to a No-Contest in Action Unlimited's first-ever Women's Strap Match. The referee, who was attacked with the straps by both women, simply refused to continue the match, and walked away. Breeze and Belle continued to brawl until The Ghostbusters hit the scene and separated them.

ECW Originals "Chair Swinging Freak" Axl Rotten & "Dancing" Stevie Richards defeated Big Daddy Molson & Saturday Nite (The Outlaws) by pinfall when Stevie Richards pinned Saturday Nite following a "Stevie Kick".

Cadillac Stanks & J-Weezy (w/Pandora & Ms. Sivi) defeated The Lawless Idols (Mike Marvel and Sean Silence) and The Ghostbusters (Stantz & Venkman, w/ Dr. Tully) to become Number 1 Contenders to the Action Unlimited Tag-Team Champions.

"Serious Business" Andy Header defeated Vin Gerard by pinfall with an Inside Cradle. Gerard blindsided Header following the match. Andy Header is now the Number 1 Contender for theAction Unlimited Anthracite Championship.

Ryan Zero & Mike Vaughn defeated Action Unlimited Tag-Team Champions The Westies (Banger Howe & Head The Ice Crusher) for the Action Unlimited Tag-Team Championship in a Tables Match when Zero delivered an Ace Crusher from the top rope, driving Ice Crusher through a table. Following the match, both Zero & Vaughn suplexed Ice Crusher through the table a second time.

Action Unlimited Anthracite Champion A.J. Evers defeated "Technical Nightmare" Matt Turner by pinfall following 2 Flying Elbowdrops.

......our next showcase is tentatively scheduled for July 29th @ Genetti's in Wilkes-Barre. Keep it here for developing information.

-Action Unlimited

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Turner Guarantees Victory At AU6; "Indestructible" Champion Disagrees

Matt Turner doesn't think much of Action Unlimited Anthracite Champion "Indestructible" AJ Evers.

In fact, Turner doesn't seem to think much of anyone in Action Unlimited. After this mornings telephone conversation with "The Technical Nightmare", we herer at are convinced that Turner doesn't think much of us.

"It's not that you guys are completely useless, it's that you'll never be TOTALLY useful...understand?" Turner asked as he condescended to our level for a few moments.

"This Evers kid is in the same boat. Did he ASK to be inferior to me? Obvoiusly not. It's a bad spot to find yourself in, for sure. Not the end of the world, though. I never said the kid sucked...he doesn't. He's just not anywhere as good as I am...see?"

It was a long conversation to say the least. After listening to Mr. Turner discuss at length such subjects as Old Forge Devils High School basketball, the superiority of Old Forge pizza, and the best places to rent a car, Mr. Turner decided to focus on his opponent again.

"Look, the kid has gone about as far as his talent will take him. He had a run of...what...6 months as champion? Thats a MIRACLE to a kid like that. He's popular and all that junk, but let's face it: Matt Turner is the next Action Unlimited Anthracite Champion. I guarantee it."

In speaking with A.J. Evers, we feel Mr. Turner's confidence may be misplaced.
"I'm very aware of who Matt Turner is. I know he is an exceptionally talented wrestler and a former champion. I see how he's approaching this match with me, and I can tell you he's making a huge mistake. I am not the underdog people like Turner write me off to be. This Saturday I'll make that point at Matt Turner's expense. I am the Action Unlimited Anthracite Champion, and this Saturday I will STAY the Champion."

Matt Turner vs AJ Evers takes place as part of Action Unlimited VI: The Day Of Reckoning this Saturday Night at the Irem Country Clu in Dallas, PA. Belltime is 7pm.

....keep checking back for all the latest information.

-Action Unlimited

Outlaws VS Axl Rotten & Ste vie Richards- The War Rages On

Northeastern Wrestling fans have seen these four men tear each other to pieces.... as they wage a war through 5 states based solely on hatred for the opposing side.
At ACTION UNLIMITED VI: THE DAY OF RECKONING this Saturday Night, this seemingly endless war makes it's first brutal stop in Dallas, PA.

As Mr. Saturday Night and "Big Daddy" Molson, The Outlaws, prepare for their heavily hyped matchup this upcoming Saturday Night, they are certainly mindful of the opposing team's ability and reputation. As Pro Wrestling Superstars Stevie Richards and Axl Rotten, The Originals, prepare fot the same match, it can be assumed they have one thing on their minds: revenge.

"When you talk about The Outlaws, you're talking about a couple of low down dudes." Axl commented to us yesterday during our first phone conversation. "Every Outlaws story you hear is the same. They use numbers on you....get you when it's a double or triple team. Pay guys to jump you, pay guys to turn on you. They take this to a dirty place, man. That's why I'll chase these guys forever...because the people deserve better."

"The Hardcore, Chair Swingin' Freak" may be the authority on The Outlaws witin Action Unlimited. Ever since The Outlaws brutal double-team attack at Action Unlimited IV, Rotten has been searching for a partner capable of matching his fire and determination. Most wrestling fans would agree that he has succeeded in spades with the discovery and signing of his partner this Saturday Night at Irem Country Club: Bonafide Pro Wrestling Superstar "The Original King Of Swing" Dr. Stevie Richards.

"What can be said about Stevie Richards that hasn't been said before?" said Action Unlimited CEO Ted Richards this morning in an IM conversation. "My many tahnks to Axl Rotten for helping us make this deal...and maybe even some thanks to MSN and Big Daddy. If they hadn't been such scoundrels, we may never have seen this incredible matchup."

The Outlaws (Mr. Saturday Night & Big Daddy Molson) vs "Hardcore Chair-Swingin' Freak" Axl Rotten & Dr. Stevie Richards takes place THIS SATURDAY NIGHT as part of "Action Unlimited VI: The Day Of Reckoning". Tickets are available right now as well as at the door the night of the showcase.

 always, keep it here for all the latest information.

-Action Unlimited



ECW Originals Axl Rotten & Stevie Richards vs Outlaw's MSN & Molson

"Indestructible" A.J. Evers (c) vs "The Technical Nightmare" Matt Turner

The Westies (Banger Howe & Head The Ice Crusher) vs Mike Vaughn & Ryan "Acid" Zero

The Ghostbusters vs The Lawless Idols vs J-Weezy & Cadillac Stanks

"Cannon" Mike Collis, Mac Robo, & Doshu Sappo vs Joey Image & Better Than You

Native American Sensation Tomahawk vs Nicky Destiny

Vin Gerard vs Andy Header

Champion Jessie Belle vs Autumn Breeze

...and MANY MORE!

Tickets are $8/ $10 Frontrow Ringside. They are available at the door or by contacting Action Unlimited through our Facebook. Card Subject To Change.

....keep it here for all news this week.

-Action Unlimited

Thursday, May 20, 2010

BREAKING NEWS: Action Unlimited in talks with Pro Wrestling Superstar STEVIE RICHARDS!

This evening, we at Action Unlimited were informed that negotiations are now underway to bring Pro Wrestling Superstar and "Original King Of Swing" Stevie Richards to "Action Unlimited VI: The Day Of Reckoning" on June 3rd.

As many of you know, Mr. Richards is known throughout the wrestling world as the leader of the b.W.o (Blue World Order) as well as the leader of the reviled Right To Censor. He has recently appeared as "Dr. Stevie" for TNA on Spike TV.

We will share any and all information on the situation as it becomes available. Keep checking back for the latest on this situation.

-Action Unlimited

Action Unlimited v: The Reborn- Quick Results

(Note: ECW Original Axl Rotten was scheduled to compete against Mr. Saturday Nite in a No Rules Street Fight. Unfortunately, Axl found himself involved in an unfortunate traffic situation, and was unable to compete this past Friday. Action Unlimited officials were in contact with Mr. Rotten throughout the evening, and have made arraingements to schedule Axl at our event this upcoming June 19th.)

Andy Header defeated Joey Image by pinfall. After the bout, Image was invited to join The Diamond City Kings.

The Diamond City Kings (Bruno & Frankie) defeated Cadillac Stanks and J-Weezy by pinfall.

The Lawless Idols (Mike Marvel and Sean Silence) defeated The Ghostbusters (Tommy and Bill)by pinfall.

Action Unlimited Tag-Team Champions The Westies (Banger Howe & Head The Ice Crusher) defeated Mike Vaughn and Ryan "Acid" Zero by pinfall.

Action Unlimited Anthracite Champion "Indestructible" AJ Evers defeated Vin Gerard by pinfall.

Our next event is scheduled to be a 8 match showcase and will be held June 19th at The Irem Country Club in dallas, PA. More information will be released within the next 24. keep it here, folks.

-Action Unlimited

Monday, April 26, 2010


If you'll be attending "Action Unlimited V: The Reborn", let us know! Follow THIS LINK to our official Facebook Event page, and give us some thoughts on the upcoming showcase.

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