Friday, April 9, 2010


Action Unlimited CEO Ted Garvin apologized to the fans, as scheduled headliner
Gene Snitsky had fallen ill and would not be competing. Snitsky will be appearing in
Action Unlimited in the very near future.

"Cannon" Mike Collis defeated "Debonair Millionaire" Darius Carter by pinfall.

"Technical Nightmare" Matt Turner (w/ Bruno DeMaio at ringside) defeated Mike Vaughn
(w/ Doshu Sappo at ringside)with a Backlund bridge. DeMaio held Turner's arms from
the outside during the pinfall.

Cadillac Stanks & The Masked Destroyer defeated Gutz N Glory (Sgt. Bob "Shotgun Blast" Dick & JP "Howitzer" Karpovich) and the team of "Double R Superstar" Ray
Ray Marz & Lil Nicky. Gutz N Glory first eliminated Mars/Nicky, then were counted out when a brawl erupted at ringside.

Head The Ice Crusher defeated Cadillac Stanks & The Masked Destroyer in a handicapped match to retain the Action Unlimited Tag-Team Championship.

The Outlaws (Big Daddy Molson & Mr. Saturday Night) defeated "The Chair Swinging Freak"Axl Rotten and Dominic Monroe by pinfall. Axl chased both Outlaws from the ringside area following the match.

The Great Khufu (w/ Doshu Sappo) and "War Machine" Bruno DeMaio (w/ Matt Turner) fought to a double disqualification.

"Technical Nightmare" Matt Turner defeated Andy Header by pinfall following interference from Bruno DeMaio. Matt Turner is now the recognized No.1 Contender to the Action Unlimited Anthracite Championship.

"Indestructible" AJ Evers defeated "Banger" Ritch Howe by pinfall after a Flying Elbow Drop. Evers was accompanied to ringside by Ryan "Acid" Zero.

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