Monday, April 26, 2010

Ryan Zero Returns May 14th: "Acid" & Mike Vaughn Challenge Westies!

Ryan Zero Returns May 14th!

At Action Unlimited III: Indestructible, we here in Action Unlimited witnessed what was almost a terrible tragedy. 23 year old Ryan Zero a 3 year veteran in the Pro Wrestling world, was dropped backwards and head first over the top rope, grazing a table ledge with the back of his head as he fell. The entire staff of Action Unlimited rushed to ringside to help the fallen competitor, and ever since, Ryan Zero has been out of sction.

Ryan Zero was on hand during "Action Unlimited IV: The Ides Of March" last month. Speaking with Action Unlimited CEO Ted Garvin live in the ring, he informed the
crowd that, while he did not yet have a return date, he did intend to return as soon as possible. This promise was made approx. 6 weeks ago, and very little information has been released since. We here at Action Unlimited wen t on our seasonal hiatus and recieved very littledetails about this situation during that time.

In that light, what we have learned to day is truly shocking; Ryan "Acid" Zero will RETURN to competetion live Friday Night May 14th as part of "Action Unlimited V: The Reborn" It takes place at the Wright Township Firehall in Mountain Top, 477 S. Main Road. On that night, Zero and his regular tag-team partner
Mike Vaughn have been granted an opportunity at the Action Unlimited Tag Team Championship as they collide with the very same men who put Zero out of action some months ago.....Banger Howe and Head The Ice Crusher, collectively the Action Unlimited Tag-Team Champions The Westies.

In speaking to Action Unlimited CEO Ted Garvin about the situation, Garvin seemed pleased to have Zero returning so soon. "I spoke with (Ryan) Zero today at great length about quite a few things. First and foremost, let me be clear: Zero has been cleared by Action Unlimited's team doctor to return to action on May 14th. Initially, as you can expect,I had some concerns about Zero's health...specifically in a match so high profile so soon. In speaking to Zero, however,he was extremely adamant about signing a match with this specific team as soon as possible." Garvin had much more to say on the matter, but we will be posting his entire "From The Desk Of" feature, so we definitely feel comfortable letting the CEO communicate them in his own words.

As is customary, comments from the controversial Tag-Team Champions have not been forthcoming. And as is usual, we invite either member of The Westies (or their legal team)to contact us with any thoughts they may have on the matter. Just to be clear, this match has already been signed, and will 100% happen on May 14th.

We hope to have much more information on this very interesting situation. As always, keep checking back for more information.

-Action Unlimited

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