Sunday, June 20, 2010


"Cannon" Mike Collis, Mac Robo, & "The Jewel Of Tokyo" Doshu Sappo defeated Joey Image & Better Than You when Sappo pinned Shawn Andrews following a "Rising Sun" neckbreaker. Joey Image refused to tag in during the match. (Joey Image issued an open challenge following the 6-Man Tag Team match, which was answered by Action Unlimited newcomer Tomahawk)

"Native American Sensation" Tomahawk defeated Joey Image by pinfall after a Superfly Splash.

Autumn Breeze and Jessie Belle went to a No-Contest in Action Unlimited's first-ever Women's Strap Match. The referee, who was attacked with the straps by both women, simply refused to continue the match, and walked away. Breeze and Belle continued to brawl until The Ghostbusters hit the scene and separated them.

ECW Originals "Chair Swinging Freak" Axl Rotten & "Dancing" Stevie Richards defeated Big Daddy Molson & Saturday Nite (The Outlaws) by pinfall when Stevie Richards pinned Saturday Nite following a "Stevie Kick".

Cadillac Stanks & J-Weezy (w/Pandora & Ms. Sivi) defeated The Lawless Idols (Mike Marvel and Sean Silence) and The Ghostbusters (Stantz & Venkman, w/ Dr. Tully) to become Number 1 Contenders to the Action Unlimited Tag-Team Champions.

"Serious Business" Andy Header defeated Vin Gerard by pinfall with an Inside Cradle. Gerard blindsided Header following the match. Andy Header is now the Number 1 Contender for theAction Unlimited Anthracite Championship.

Ryan Zero & Mike Vaughn defeated Action Unlimited Tag-Team Champions The Westies (Banger Howe & Head The Ice Crusher) for the Action Unlimited Tag-Team Championship in a Tables Match when Zero delivered an Ace Crusher from the top rope, driving Ice Crusher through a table. Following the match, both Zero & Vaughn suplexed Ice Crusher through the table a second time.

Action Unlimited Anthracite Champion A.J. Evers defeated "Technical Nightmare" Matt Turner by pinfall following 2 Flying Elbowdrops.

......our next showcase is tentatively scheduled for July 29th @ Genetti's in Wilkes-Barre. Keep it here for developing information.

-Action Unlimited

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