Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Outlaws VS Axl Rotten & Ste vie Richards- The War Rages On

Northeastern Wrestling fans have seen these four men tear each other to pieces.... as they wage a war through 5 states based solely on hatred for the opposing side.
At ACTION UNLIMITED VI: THE DAY OF RECKONING this Saturday Night, this seemingly endless war makes it's first brutal stop in Dallas, PA.

As Mr. Saturday Night and "Big Daddy" Molson, The Outlaws, prepare for their heavily hyped matchup this upcoming Saturday Night, they are certainly mindful of the opposing team's ability and reputation. As Pro Wrestling Superstars Stevie Richards and Axl Rotten, The Originals, prepare fot the same match, it can be assumed they have one thing on their minds: revenge.

"When you talk about The Outlaws, you're talking about a couple of low down dudes." Axl commented to us yesterday during our first phone conversation. "Every Outlaws story you hear is the same. They use numbers on you....get you when it's a double or triple team. Pay guys to jump you, pay guys to turn on you. They take this to a dirty place, man. That's why I'll chase these guys forever...because the people deserve better."

"The Hardcore, Chair Swingin' Freak" may be the authority on The Outlaws witin Action Unlimited. Ever since The Outlaws brutal double-team attack at Action Unlimited IV, Rotten has been searching for a partner capable of matching his fire and determination. Most wrestling fans would agree that he has succeeded in spades with the discovery and signing of his partner this Saturday Night at Irem Country Club: Bonafide Pro Wrestling Superstar "The Original King Of Swing" Dr. Stevie Richards.

"What can be said about Stevie Richards that hasn't been said before?" said Action Unlimited CEO Ted Richards this morning in an IM conversation. "My many tahnks to Axl Rotten for helping us make this deal...and maybe even some thanks to MSN and Big Daddy. If they hadn't been such scoundrels, we may never have seen this incredible matchup."

The Outlaws (Mr. Saturday Night & Big Daddy Molson) vs "Hardcore Chair-Swingin' Freak" Axl Rotten & Dr. Stevie Richards takes place THIS SATURDAY NIGHT as part of "Action Unlimited VI: The Day Of Reckoning". Tickets are available right now as well as at the door the night of the showcase.

....as always, keep it here for all the latest information.

-Action Unlimited

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