Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Turner Guarantees Victory At AU6; "Indestructible" Champion Disagrees

Matt Turner doesn't think much of Action Unlimited Anthracite Champion "Indestructible" AJ Evers.

In fact, Turner doesn't seem to think much of anyone in Action Unlimited. After this mornings telephone conversation with "The Technical Nightmare", we herer at AnthraciteWrestling.blogspot.com are convinced that Turner doesn't think much of us.

"It's not that you guys are completely useless, it's that you'll never be TOTALLY useful...understand?" Turner asked as he condescended to our level for a few moments.

"This Evers kid is in the same boat. Did he ASK to be inferior to me? Obvoiusly not. It's a bad spot to find yourself in, for sure. Not the end of the world, though. I never said the kid sucked...he doesn't. He's just not anywhere as good as I am...see?"

It was a long conversation to say the least. After listening to Mr. Turner discuss at length such subjects as Old Forge Devils High School basketball, the superiority of Old Forge pizza, and the best places to rent a car, Mr. Turner decided to focus on his opponent again.

"Look, the kid has gone about as far as his talent will take him. He had a run of...what...6 months as champion? Thats a MIRACLE to a kid like that. He's popular and all that junk, but let's face it: Matt Turner is the next Action Unlimited Anthracite Champion. I guarantee it."

In speaking with A.J. Evers, we feel Mr. Turner's confidence may be misplaced.
"I'm very aware of who Matt Turner is. I know he is an exceptionally talented wrestler and a former champion. I see how he's approaching this match with me, and I can tell you he's making a huge mistake. I am not the underdog people like Turner write me off to be. This Saturday I'll make that point at Matt Turner's expense. I am the Action Unlimited Anthracite Champion, and this Saturday I will STAY the Champion."

Matt Turner vs AJ Evers takes place as part of Action Unlimited VI: The Day Of Reckoning this Saturday Night at the Irem Country Clu in Dallas, PA. Belltime is 7pm.

....keep checking back for all the latest information.

-Action Unlimited

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