Monday, January 11, 2010


When the referee's hand hit the mat for the third time in Sunday nights main event, former champion Mike Collis spun around to face him and held up two fingers.

"Two?" he asked in desperation

The referee shook his head. Holding up three fingers, the referee looked directly at Collis and simply said "Three" before calling for the bell. In that moment, the crowd realized what they had just seen. Unranked AJ Evers, the upstart rookie who found himself at the center of controversy surrounding this title opportunity, earned the biggest victory of his young career....and became a champion in one swoop.Action Unlimited has a new Anthracite Champion...and the new champion is still just as shocked as the rest of the world.

"I just can't believe it" Evers told us in the dressing room following his victory Sunday night. "I've dreamed of being a champion all my life. I never dreamed it would happen so fast."

The former champion, while visibly dejected, was total class.

"Tonight was his night" Collis told us. "Sometimes, no matter what you do, they guy across the ring from you has your number. People talked about AJ's inexperience, but he was beyond talented tonight. Plus, he was extremely lucky. Ask any card player and they'll tell you: it's always better to be lucky than good."

Evers luck, however, will be in question come this February 25th, when Bruno DeMaio cashes in his No.1 contender's title opportunity against the young champion. We hope to have comments from everyone involved in this situation in the coming days.

Our congratulations to "Indestructable" AJ Evers on becoming the NEW Action Unlimited Anthracite Champion!

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