Tuesday, January 26, 2010

"I'm Not Afraid Of Bruno DeMaio." Evers Prepares For "Indestructible"

Action Unlimited Anthracite Champion "Unbreakable" AJ Evers is not in an enviable position on the night of February 25th. On that date, Evers puts his newly won Championship on the line against quite possibly the most dangerous competitor in Anthracite Wrestling...the 350+lb Number One ranked challenger "War Machine" Bruno DeMaio. This match, two months in the making for DeMaio and the first title defense by Evers, will headline "Action Unlimited 3:INDESTRUCTIBLE" at Hanover Area Senior High School on 2/25.

"I can't start to tell you what this title reign means to me." AJ told us in a telephone conversation yesterday afternoon. "Having all those people come and congratulate me when I won it was amazing. Now I get a chance to show them that they picked the right guy."

Evers, just 18 years old, is the youngest recognized major champion in the entire state of Pennsylvania. Still, in speaking with AJ, his confidence seemed at an all time high.

"I know what people must think, but let me guarantee you; I'm not scared of Bruno DeMaio. I wasn't scared of Mike Collis, and I'm not scared of being Anthracite Champion. My challengers will find out quick that "Indestructible" isn't just my nickname. I plan on defending this title every chance I get against whoever deserves a shot. I'm not going to duck anybody."

Evers must definitely have the future on his mind, as the former champion "Cannon" Mike Collis lays in waiting for his guaranteed rematch. Collis, who was defeated by Evers on January 10th at Wright Township Firehall, will become No. 1 contender to the championship once the obligation to DeMaio is fulfilled. DeMaio, coincidentally, lost the final match of the Anthracite title tournament in November to "The Cannon".

Anthracite Wrestling newcomer Matt Turner has been heavily rumored to be in Bruno's corner for his upcoming title match. When asked about this, and how it may affect the match outcome, Evers didn't seem concerned.

"I'll be honest. If I had a psychotic being from thousands of years ago chasing after me, I probably wouldn't stand right out in the open. People keep asking me if I have a plan for Turner during the match, but maybe they should be asking if Turner and Bruno have a plan for KHUFU during the match."

DeMaio's problems with Khufu and Doshu Sappo have been well documented here. Both Khufu and Sappo have an agreement with Action Unlimited that began sometime earlier this week. More on that in a later post.

To close out our conversation, AJ looked to the future with optimism. "Right now I'm definitely motivated to be the best champion I can be. I don't ever want to sound arrogant, but it definitely feels like right now is my time. I have the fans support, I have the support of most my fellow wrestlers and my family....I feel like a champion, and I intend to hold this title for a very long time."

Keep checking back for more news and information.

-Action Unlimited

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