Saturday, January 30, 2010

"Feb. 25th Is CLOBBERING TIME!" Collis And Zero Prepare For "Indestructible"

As has been reported in various outlets numerous times, former Anthracite Champion Mike "Cannon" Collis was the victim of a cowardly and vicious attack purpotrated by the current Action Unlimited Tag Team Champions, The Westies, last November during the Anthracite Championship Tournament. The attack was initiated by current Number One Contender Bruno DeMaio, who paid The Westies to injure Collis and eliminate him from the Tournament, ensuring DeMaio's victory in the tournament. Since November, Collis has waited patiently to settle his grudge with The Westies, and on February 25th, his opportunity will finally come.

"Most guys don't know what their career is worth to someone else. I do...$800.00. Thats how much I've heard Bruno paid "Banger" and Head to take me out at the Nanticoke Armory. They came very close. My ribs and kidneys are still killing me. I remember every single second of it, and I intend to inflict every single second of it back on both Westies ass. "

Collis seems very aware that it's not only him, but his partner for the night Ryan "Acid" Zero that has tasted the Westies steel chair in the past.

"I didn't know how it would go at first, asking someone for their title shot and all. I half expected to get blown off. But (Mike) Vaughn saw how bad his partner got hurt last show, and understands his need for revenge. So when I asked if I could take Vaughn's place in January, he knew exactly where I was coming from. When he agreed, and once the arraingements were made, we started working on our game plan. We're taking The Westies out on Feb. 25th, and we don't care if he whole world knows it."

This match on the direct order of Action Unlimited CEO Ted Garvin, who remarked about the attacks in this past weeks open email.

"The behavior of "The Westies" is getting out of hand. They are extremely talented wrestlers, no doubt about it. But this constant need for attention, this mafia-style "hit for hire" stuff, It won't fly here. And before I start throwing around a rule book or opening myself up to trouble by firing people, I try to teach them a lesson in the ring. And I firmly believe that Collis and Zero are capable of doing just that. It will be an absolute honor to have these two gentlemen as out Champions, and hey have my best wishes in this match."

We briefly spoke to an outraged Rachel Townsend, who did little more than shout incoherantly and promise a statement from The Westies soon. No further ontact has been made with the champions at this time.

Throughout this unusual situation, "The Cannon" remains confident.

"In talking to Ryan, I am CERTAIN that he understands my point and wants retribution as badly as I do. We're ready, we're focused, and we will be the new Action Unlimited tag team Champions. You guys may call this show "Indestructible", but for me, Feb. 25th is CLOBBERIN' TIME!"

Keep checking back for further developments.

-Action Unlimited

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