Saturday, January 16, 2010

Assailant Identified: "Banger" Assaulted By VIN GERARD????

Video proof does not lie.

Action Unlimited CEO Ted Garvin has positively identified the man who accosted Ritch Howe at the finale of the first round match-up in the Mini-tournament pitting The Westies against Guts And Glory.

The man pictured is none other than NEPA Pro Wrestling standout Vin Gerard.

Vin Gerard, as many of our fans know, is an accomplished Pro Wrestler with many top name promotions throughout the US. While no obvious reason for an attack is known, Gerard's past relationship with Howe's younger sister, Rachel Townsend, has been well documented in the past. Eyewitnesses of the attack Sunday have quoted Gerard as screaming "Where is she?" over and over at Howe.

Gerard was chased on foot by Head The Ice Crusher and a host of Action Unlimited security before dashing out the front door of Wright Township Fire. No criminal charges were pursued.

Coincidentally, Ms. Towsend was absent from this past weekends tournament, citing pervious engagements. The Westies employ Ms. Townsend as their business manager, and she was announced as being expected at "Winter Showcase".

Suddenly, her absence takes on a more mysterious tone.

Ted Garvin, once made aware of the situation Sunday, has tried multiple times to contact Gerard. Garvin's feelings on the subject remain mixed.

"I have a lot on my mind regarding this situation..." Garvin told us via telephone Saturday morning. "Obviously we can't have people rushing the ring and doing whatever they want. An employee of mine was assaulted on my watch....and I can't tolerate that. On the other hand, Vin Gerard is a phenomenal talent, and I can relate with anyone who'd want to take a shot at "The Banger". I'm definitely giving this situation a lot of thought."

Garvin has promised a statement soon. The recipient of the attack, one "Banger" Ritch Howe, was less optimistic.

"Ted Garvin walks around like he's Barak Obama or something, swearing he's going to change the business" Howe barked via telephone Saturday afternoon. "Then something actually happens, and he's completely useless. Guys run in from the crowd and jump his wrestlers, and he's got nothing. Typical."

Vin Gerard has not contacted us at in any way. Multiple phone calls and emails have gone unanswered.

As usual, more on this bizarre situation as it unravels.

-Action Unlimited

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