Wednesday, January 13, 2010

The Westies Become Action Unlimited's FIRST Tag Team Champions.

Action Unlimited Ring Announcer Chris Decker may have put it best when he conducted an interview with The Westies following their Championship victory this past Sunday; "By hook or by crook, The Westies have done it. They are the new Action Unlimited Tag Team Champions."

The road to victory wasn't all wine and roses for the new champions. In the first round, they faced "The Mystery Team" of Sgt. Bob Dick and Sgt. JP Karpovich....Guts & Glory, a team with a notable history with both Westies. In fact, several times throughout the bout, a GNG victory seemed only moments away. Sgt Dick's poor temper, mixed with an equally cranky referee led do a Guts & Glory DQ well as a "Fire For Effect" on a victorious (and battered) Head The Ice Crusher.

Immediately following the match, a man ran out of the crowd and attacked "Banger" Ritch Howe from behind. "Banger" and the as-yet identified man scrapped at ringside for several minutes before the assailant fled through the front door of Wright Township Fire. We do understand that the man was detained by event security as he attempted to leave the parking lot, though no name or face has yet been released.

In the finals, the battered Westies faced Ryan Zero and Mike Vaughn...a team that had a challenging, but successful first round performance against the debuting team of High Voltage and Cletus Gambino. Possessing the best tag skills of any other team in the tournament, Vaughn and Zero's statement in the first round was heard loud and clear by the live crowd. They entered the finals facing The Westies recognized as the odds on favorites....

A steel chair changed all that.

After a brutal match which showcased the very best of each teams repoitore, Ryan Zero was able to make a well-timed tag and enter the fray when Vaughn needed his help the most. Taking on both Westies by himself, Zero had suceeded in locking "Banger" in his "D-Riot" submission and had victory in his grasp. Unfortunately, the referee was preoccupied with removing Vaughn from the ring, and completely missed Ice Crusher entering illegally and striking Zero with a foreign this case, a steel chair. It marks the second time in as many showcases that The Westies have used a steel chair to dramatically alter the outcome of a tournament. This time, the benefactors of such an attack were themselves.

Begrudgingly, we here at Action Unlimited would like to congratulate "Banger" Ritch Howe and Head The Ice Crusher, The Westies, on becoming the first-ever Action Unlimited Tag Team Champions.

- Action Unlimited

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