Monday, January 18, 2010


Starting February 1st, Action Unlimited will open the doors of it's brand new Pro Wrestling Institute & Training Center. It is the only full-time training facility in the NEPA region, and will be accessbile for new trainees and veterans alike.

"We're beyond excited to be announcing this." Action Unlimited CEO Ted Garvin told us Monday morning. "I've marveled in the past at how quickly our fans have taken to our concept. I hear often the appreciation people have for our style of physical wrestling. This training facility gives our performers an opportunity to push themselves into the next level, and for new wrestlers to "get their feet wet" as they say."

"Bringing a training center like this one to the area is one more big step Action Unlimited has taken in the last year." Garvin continued. "Now the opportunity is there for even more performers to get involved, and for us to make our mark in NEPA. Like I've said before, we are the Number.1 Pro Wrestling promotion in all of NEPA thanks to our fans. Now we'll take our shows to the next level and keep the "Unlimited Action" coming."

The new training center (Which, ironiclly, is located on Anthracite St. In Wilkes-Barre) opens it's doors on Monday, February 1st, and will cater to every level of Pro Wrestling experience. Enrollment information can be obtained by contacting Action Unlimited through their Facebook account HERE.

You can also email Action Unlimited at

As always, more information as it becomes available.

-Action Unlimited

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