Thursday, January 14, 2010

Three Debuts And A Decade Old Rivalry: Matt Turner, Doshu Sappo, and Khufu arrive in Action Unlimited.

Bruno DeMaio's presence at "Winter Showcase" was expected, announced. His challenge at the beginning of the show to the winner of the main event was something that anyone who has any experience with Bruno could have called, and indeed, expected. The arrival of Matt Turner on the scene was a bit of a gasp moment, but anyone who has followed Turner's career, or Bruno's for that matter, could probably have predicted Turner's presence. They are, after all, current tag-team partners in a host of east coast Pro Wrestling promotions, and have trained together for nearly a decade.

Not even the arrival of Doshu Sappo, who's own story we have covered on this blog, was much of a shakeup. Arriving after Bruno called him out of the dressing room, Doshu's words and their results left the audience and staff of Action Unlimited speechless.

"It's true that you took me out 10 years ago, Bruno. You left me broken in half...but I'm back. I'm here in Action Unlimited, and I'm not alone. I have someone with me who's blood you've spilled. You took him out a decade ago , too. Now, like me, he is here for revenge. KHUFU HAS COME FOR YOU!"

A furious Bruno snatched up the house mic and grabbed Doshu's collar. "Smarter guys than you know not to say that name around me. Everyone knows that (former Valley competitor) Adam Morris is dead and buried. He's been retired forever...."

"...but the spirit LIVES!" Doshu responded. "He is reborn...he is here NOW!..."

"I've had enough of this" DeMaio shouted, and as he did, the entire Wright Township Firehall and every one of it's 200+ occupants were drenched in total darkness. When the lights returned, Bruno set his eyes on "The Hammer of Giza" for the first time in a decade. Reborn into a new body, the mighty "Butcher Of Egypt" has gained in size, strength, and speed from his previous incarnation. This Khufu, more savage, more vacant, and more homicidal then ever before.

Setting on DeMaio immediately, Turner instinctively defended his 350+ lb partner, prompting Doshu Sappo to join in the brawl. What resulted in 15 of the most violent, depraved, and vicious minutes Wright Township Firehall has ever seen. Action Unlimited CEO Ted Garvin ordered the locker room cleared and order was restored after several minutes,

It is unclear if Doshu Sappo or Khufu work in Action Unlimited. Calls to Action Unlimited CEO Ted Garvin have not been returned timely as of late. For the record, both Turner and DeMaio are recognized Action Unlimited competitors.

We will have more on this very strange and explosive situation as it develops.

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