Thursday, February 18, 2010

Westies Issue Ultimatum; Change Stip Or Cancel Match.

Early this morning, we here at recieved an email from Rachel Townsend, manager of Action Unlimited Tag team Champions The Westies ("Banger" Ritch Howe and Head The Ice Crusher). In recent weeks, Townsend has been highly vocal in her displeasure with the handeling of the Westies February 25 Tag team Title defense, which happens as part of "Action Unlimited III:Indestructible" live from Hanover Area High School. In standard fashion, Ms. Townsend failed to mince words.

Basically, Ms. Townsend's (and by default, The Westies) issue stems fromAction Unlimited CEO Ted Garvin naming Ryan "Acid" Zero and "Cannon" Mike Collis challengers on 2/25 despite the fact that Zero and Collis have never teamed together, and by that tone are incapable of being ranked the number one challengers to the titles. In Townsends view, the champions are only obligated to defend their titles against the number one challengers, and as Collis and Zero are not recognized as such, The Westies are under no obligation to defend their titles 2/25. Townsend's refusal to sign off on this No-Disqualification match (a match, incidentally, which has already been advertised) has caused Ted Garvin a great deal of grief and aggrivation, as he does everything in his power to ensure a title defense as part of "Action Unlimited III: Indestructible"on 2/25.

"We aren't asking for anything but fair treatment." Townsend wrote in the early lines of today's email. "I have warned Ted Garvin repeatedly about the way he deals with us. We are his champions, his commodity....and we won't be abused. We will have out due, or we will sit at home until we do."

In the opening lines of her email, Ms. Townsend made it clear that The Westies have sought outside professional legal help in the form of the Scranton-based Zapata Law Firm. After meeting with Zapata attorneys last week, Ms. Townsend has apparantly intensified her resolve in the 2/25 title defense matter.

" There is a clear precedent set here; the champions defend against only the top rated team. We will not have our title reign disgraced by fighting these tomato cans Ted Garvin digs up. The people at the Zapata law Firm have been very, very helpful in drafting the new contracts and adding what needed to be added. It ensures our fair treatment, and makes this match worth competing in. We are very happy to be represented by Zapata, and would encourage other talent to do the same."

Sometime this week, Ms. Townsend promised us, Ted Garvin will recieve a new contract for the 2/25 event hat includes some significant changes to the original document. Unhappy with the seemingly "no win" position The Westies find themselves in, Ms. Townsend and Zapata law have added a special stipulation to the standing rules that has the potential to change the course of Action Unlimited for quite some time.

The major stipulation change is simple: To compete in this match, Mike Collis must put his guaranteed Anthracite Title Match on the line. Should Collis and Zero lose this match, Collis would lose his title opportunity to which ever of The Westies is victorious.

The point is made that one of the challengers, "Cannon" Mike Collis , is the recongnized Number one contender to whomever should win the "Bruno-Evers" title match on 2/25. We here at have covered that subject to some extent in the past weeks. As we understand it, Townsend has demanded that should "The Westies" be successful in their title defense, "Cannon" Mike Collis would forfeit his guaranteed Anthracite Title Match to the victorious member of The Westies, granting one of them the title opportunity Collis is due. Should Collis and Zero be successful, however, they would become the new Action Unlimited Tag Team Champions.

Compounding the already difficult situation, Townsend ended the email making it clear that, should these terms not be met by 2/20, no further negotiation would take place. Should The Westies fail to defend their titles by 2/25, Action Unlimited officials will be within their authority to strip The Westies of the championship.

One way or another, by this Saturday night, all questions will be answered. Keep checking back for more information on this escalating situation.

-Action Unlimited

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