Wednesday, February 3, 2010

"This Match WON'T Happen!": Townsend Refuses 2/25 Contract; Says Tag-Title Match Is Off.

Following last week's public e-mail from Action Unlimited CEO Ted Garvin, we were contacted by Rachel Townsend, the enigmatic manager of the new Action Unlimited Tag-Team Champions The Westies ("Banger" Ritch Howe and Head The Ice Crusher). WE had contacted Rachel earlier that same day, and she had promised to contact us at a later time to officially comment on the situation. Ms. Townsend definitely kept her promise, and her return call was venomous to say the least.

For those who haven't kept up, Action Unlimited CEO Ted Garvin announced last week that The Westies would defend their Action Unlimited Tag-Team Championship againts former Action Unlimited Anthracite Champion Mike "Cannon" Collis and his partner Ryan "Acid" Zero. Ms. Townsend, sibling of Westie "Banger" Ritch Howe and rarely seen manager of "The Westies" was not happy with this announcement, and made it a point to let us know.

"I don't know who the hell Ted Garvin thinks he is. First of all, The Westies are the champions. THEY decide who the challengers are, and judging by the landscape here, there just aren't many serious threats. So Garvin takes it upon himself to throw a team together simply to appease the fans and make some of his roster happy. Well, I hate to burst his obnoxious little bubble, but thats definitely not happen."

"Second.." she continued with out giving us a chance to breathe, let alone speak. "..there is absolutely positively no way that a team that didn't even exist before this match can be rated the number one contenders and instantly recieve a title shot. This type of garbage management is exactly what I was hired to handle. These big tough Action Unlimited officials think that they intimidate us, but they're crazy. I have all the legal right in the world to refuse this contract, and I have. We have nothing to gain from accepting a disqualification at that....against an unranked team. If Garvin wants his match that badly, he'll sweeten the pot and make it worth it for Ritch and Head. If not, he will have a lot of explaining to do come Feb. 25 when his match doesn't go through. The ball is in his court. For now, under these circumstances, this match WON'T happen."

Our very first question for Ms. Townsend was met with the clicking sound of a disconnected phone call. Our later attempts to reach Ms. Townsend went unanswered. Action Unlimited CEO Ted Garvin, no doubt extremely busy with the Gene Snitsky signing, has yet to comment.

We will have more on this explosive situation as it develops. Keep checking back for more information.

-Action Unlimited

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