Saturday, February 6, 2010

Who Is Khufu?

In the past few weeks following "Action Unlimited 2: Winter Showcase", we here at have recieved literally dozens of e-mails filled with questions concerning one of Action Unlimited's newest roster additions, "The Butcher Of Giza" Khufu.

"Where did this person come from, and how did he find himself in Action Unlimited?"

"What is his issue with Bruno DeMaio?"

"Wasn't there a different Khufu several years ago?"

"How does Doshu Sappo factor in to this situation?"

We definitely want to stress that we will do everything in our power to answer every email we recieve in a timely and helpful fashion. In this set of circumstances, however, we want to make it clear that we're not dodging any questions. To be perfectly frank, we don't have many answers to share. The answers we do have only came very recently, and after hours and hours of research mixed with endless phonecalls and tape reviews.
We do have some basic information to share with our fans today, and we hope more is forthcoming.

At the very basic level, "Khufu" is the name of an ancient Egyptian Pharoah who was responsible for the construction of the Tomb of Giza (aka The Great Pyramid) at or around 2600 B.C. His reign as Pharoah lasted several decades, and is remembered in folklore for being extremely cruel and ruthless as the ruler of the known world. Strangely, almost no known artifacts exist depicting a likeness of Khufu, unusual due to the sheer number of likenesses and artifacts attributed to other Pharoahs of the era.

The circumstances of his death are also largely unusual. When The Great Pyramid was excavated in the 1950's, Khufu's sarcophagus was discovered in a deep cacacomb....completely empty. Further searches of the area have never unearthed the mummified remains of "The Butcher Of Giza". Owing that Khufu was such an important figure at the time, it is almost unthinkable that he would not have been preserved for the ages. To date, however, no evidence has ever come to light that would suggest that the man known as Khufu ever passed away.

Flash forward nearly 4 THOUSAND years to Summertime of 2000. Among the various local Pro Wrestling promotions that existed in NEPA at the time, many hosted a competitor who shared his name with the great pharoah. Referring to himself as "King Khufu", this masked competitor went on to capture championships in several promotions and was revered as one of the founding personalities in NEPA Pro Wrestling.
On March 17th of 2000, the competitor known as King Khufu defended one such championship against a man Action Unlimited fans know very well: the 350+lb "War Machine" Bruno DeMaio.

In this brutal and bloody match, which is still passed among tape traders to this day, DeMaio (in his rookie year at the time) chokeslammed "King Khufu" from a ring apron and through a ringside table....covered completely in shredded glass. "Khufu" was removed from the scene and recieved medical attention. NEPA Wrestling fan Bill Slova remembers the scene vividly:

"Khufu was the champion at the time. He was this rare mix of daredevil and technician that really took off. His success was incredible.....insanely popular with the fans, just super loved. Bruno was a rookie who was hurting a lot of people. He had worked his way up to Khufu and was starting to build that dominant streak that people still talk about. Easily the most violent match I have EVER seen in my life, both guys cut to ribbons and bleeding heavily. Most of us believed that, through all of this, Khufu would pull through; it's just what he did. But when Bruno spiked him through that glass-covered table, we all gasped. Every sigle one of us in that building...we knew that Khufu was done. Every one of us"

"Khufu" was, at the time, the recognized champion of the promotion that presented this match with Bruno DeMaio. While Bruno didn't win the title by pinfall, he did take possession of the champion's title belt. And though DeMaio spent many months taunting "Khufu", the former champion never returned to claim his belt. That particular title, we understand, was quietly vacated a short time later. The competitor did return to action some years later, but his appearances became less and less frequent. has positively identified this competitor as a gentleman named Adam Morris. While we were unable to reach or speak with Mr. Morris, we have been able to verify through photos that Adam Morris 100% IS NOT the Khufu that appeared at Action Unlimited's "Winter Showcase" event in January. The original Khufu, Adam Morris, while a fantastic competitor in his own right, is noticeably shorter and more slender than his taller, heavier counterpart. We will continue our attempts to reach Mr. Morris and report on any information we may recieve.

Yet another unusual aspect of this situation is Doshu Sappo, the language interpretor for "The Butcher Of Giza", and himself a victim of a career-ending assault by "The War Machine". Literally every aspect of Khufu's existence in Action Unlimited has been negotiated and executed by Sappo, and it is our understanding that Sappo himself negotiated with Ted garvin on Khufu's behalf. Whats more, Sappo seems to be the only living person Khufu communicates with, as even his allies (Guts & Glory, Mike Vaughn) were met with hostility and agression by the animalistic pharoah.

So at the present, and after all of that text, we find ourselves not far from where we started on the subject. One thing is definitely not arguable: Khufu has come to Action Unlimited, and he has come for Bruno DeMaio. Where we go from here is a question we all await an answer to.

Keep checking back for more info.

-Action Unlimited

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