Thursday, February 11, 2010

News At A Glance: February 12, 2010

- Action Unlimited Anthracite Champion "Indestructible" AJ Evers is training diligently at all hours of the day and night in preparation for his Championship bout against Number 1 contender "The War Machine" Bruno DeMaio. Sources close to the young champion have told us that AJ's strategy will center around extending the 350+lb challenger into the later minutes of the match, as a longer bout will favor the lighter, faster champion. As a result, Ever's woorkouts have centered around cardio development, which means he may enter 2/25's championship match even lighter than usual....widening the nearly 200lb weight advantage DeMaio already enjoys.

- Action Unlimited CEO Ted Garvin and Westies manager Rachel Townsend did, in fact, speak earlier today, though it doesn't seem we're any closer to having the Tag Team Championship match official just yet. Basically, it seems that Townsend simply isn't satisfied with the no-win position The Westies find themselves in, and unless Garvin can come up with some sort of incentive, a continued stalemate seems likely. Incidentally, if The Westies do not defend their Tag Team Championships by 2/25, they risk being stripped of the titles for failure to defend.

- With the acquisition of Pro Wrestling Superstar Gene Snitsky, "Action Unlimited III: Indestructible" is shaping up to be our largest and most attended event yet. Don't forget that Snitsky will be available 30 minutes before belltime (6:30PM) and during intermission for a Meet-And-Greet. We here at hope to have an exclusive interview with Snitsky as soon as possible.

- Today was an interesting day for Leroy "Cadillac" Stanks. Late last evening, upon hearing that Gene Snitsky did not have an announced opponent, Stanks posted a status update on his Facebook account that read...

"I hereby challenge Snitsky to come taste my rainbow on Febawerry(sic) 25."

...later in the day, someone on Stanks' friends list posted a photo of Snitsky on his Facebook. A mere 7 minutes later, the original status message had been deleted, and the following message ran in it's place:

"I hereby withdraw my challenge for Snitsky to taste my rainbow. He can feel free to taste someone elses."

It seems not even Cadillac Stanks himself is immune to the hilarity of social networking.

As always, we'll have more as the situations unfold. Stay tuned.

-Action Unlimited

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