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"I Will Leave Hanover High School NEW Anthracite Champion!"- DeMaio Is Set For "Indestructible" on 2/25

Over the weekend, we here at AnthraciteWrestling.Blogspot.com were contacted by the Number One Contender for the Action Unlimited Anthracite Championship; “The War Machine” Bruno DeMaio. DeMaio was furious after reading last week’s piece on new Anthracite Champion “Indestructible” AJ Evers, and was anxious to do a sit-down interview with our staff. Arrangements were made to conduct the interview Monday evening, and as of Tuesday morning, we had quite a story.

Bruno has been keeping time of late with NEPA pro wrestling veteran Matt Turner. The duo has teamed frequently on the independent pro wrestling scene, and has taken on the moniker “Diamond City Kings” or “DCK” for short…a reference to their days as Underground competitors in the Wilkes-Barre area. Coincidentally, Matt Turner is scheduled to face newcomer Vin Gerard in a much-hyped first meeting between the two. We will have more on that matchup later today.

For his part, DeMaio seems confident, if highly agitated. He made it clear…and you will read his own words in the following interview…that he will become the next Action Unlimited Anthracite Champion in his first opportunity.

What follows are the actual words of “The War Machine” Bruno DeMaio.

AU- On February 25th, you will receive your long awaited Anthracite Championship opportunity against the new Anthracite Champion, AJ Evers. How do you view the circumstances of this match?

Bruno- February 25th will go down in history as the day Action Unlimited started its reign of the Independent wrestling scene. , I have seen ZERO hype for the main event that night…. A main event that pits AJ Evers vs. ME… Bruno DeMaio for the Action Unlimited Anthracite Championship. I read the blurb about your doomed champion...but the challenger? Not one word. Not one spotlight, no tale of the tape, no HYPE what-so-ever! The real question I have to ask is why? Is this Ted Garvin clown afraid I‘m going to destroy his little “Indestructible” champion? Concerned that maybe I'll smear his rookie face all over Hanover Area High School? C’mon now, those aren’t even legit questions. They're more like guarantees.

AU- Your demeanor seems fairly frustrated, and we think it’s safe to say that it’s because of these circumstances. Do you feel you're taking the situation too personally?

Bruno- For the past two shows I have been jerked around by Action Unlimited officials, starting back in Nov ‘09 when that inept referee got into my way and I severely sprained my left knee. Then, in Jan ’10, the Action Unlimited doctor (Dr. Patrick Krenwinkel) couldn’t see me in time and I missed out on my title rematch against Mike Collis. THEN Action Unlimited brings in that psychopath Khufu, and I get the threat of a fine for almost putting him through a table! Now, at “Indestructible” on Feb. 25, Action Unlimited has nowhere to run, no loop holes to hide behind. I am the #1 contender for the Action Unlimited Anthracite Wrestling Heavyweight Championship and I intended to leave Hanover PA on the 25th of February the NEW ACTION UNLIMITED ANTHRACITE CHAMPION.

AU- Action Unlimited Anthracite Champion AJ Evers recently communicated to us in an interview that you don't intimidate him, and that he isn't afraid of you. How do you respond to that statement?

Bruno- AJ Evers, I have some advice for you, son; cherish the time you have left being a champion. I know it must be a real thrill for you… this young in your career to be a champion. But, I’m telling you from experience, son, DON’T LOOK PAST ME! Don’t worry about any other match BUT this match. You have never faced anyone like me before AJ, no one with my drive, my ruthlessness, my inability to feel remorse for EVERY move I lay into you. So, you need to find a quiet place, AJ, sit there and meditate. Think about what I am going to do to you on the 25th. Three shows of pent up aggression, frustration, hatred, anger, malice…no one has faced me when I am this focused and riled up. Everyday I wake up, I KNOW that come Feb 26th I’ll have the Anthracite Championship…can YOU do the same thing? S#!&, you better hope you can get out of bed on Feb 26th, or that your friends and family even recognize who you are after you face me.

AU- Is there anything else the young Champion should know going into your match on 2/25?

Bruno- I have only one last thing to say to you , AJ; I’m in your head….even before this match. I know you’ve seen what I can do, the damage I can inflict…most of all, I know you’re a mark for me. I’m not going to get into details here on this blog, I’ll let you sweat this one out. Think back, AJ, to that show in Plymouth where Turner and I first saw you work, the convo you had with us that night. The gears you wanted to put into effect that night…it’s because of that. I know the DCK are deep rooted in your brain. February 25th, it’s going to be like taking a big piece of gold candy away from a little green baby.

AU- We saw NEPA Wrestling veteran Matt Turner debut at "Winter Showcase" in January. Newcomer Vin Gerard also debuted the same night. Will Turner be in your corner as you challenge for the championship, and what are your feelings on Turner's announced match with Vin Gerard?

Bruno- Matt Turner will definitely be there, and he definitely will be in my corner in the main event. And since you mentioned it…where the hell is the hype for Turner vs. Gerard? Honestly, is there some kind of discrimination going on here? No hype for the title match, and no hype for 2 of the best workers the North East US has seen in the past 5-10 years? Ok.. The DCK will hype that match… Matt Turner is a 8+ yr vet, trained locally by a 25+ year veteran, a survivor of the Valley Underground…one of it’s most memorable and successful competitors. When he realized it was time to take his career to the next level, he went to the Ring of Honor Pro Wrestling Academy in Philadelphia to train under “Straight-Edge Messiah” WWE’s CM Punk. Yes, THAT CM Punk.. 3 time World Heavyweight Champion, former tag team champion, former IC Champion, Back-2-Back Money in the Bank winner. Heard of him?

Vin Gerard is a student of the Valley Underground, tried his hand at the Lucha Libre before being booted by his trainer, and faked being an authentic Luchadore to wrestle for a prominent Lucha promotion, deceiving everyone along the way. Gerard was unmasked by his trainer, and has since found solace in his new persona. I’m assuming he also has some issues with Ritch and his baby sister Rachael. Type his name into Google if you want to know more…I don’t care that much. I can pretty much guarantee a Turner victory, but other than that….the kid is a punk. I have bigger fish to fry.

AU_ We don't know how we've gone this long without asking, but we'd be quite regretful if we forgot. Are you able to shed some light on your situation with "The Butcher Of Giza" Khufu? He and his manager, Doshu Sappo, seem very intent on you and Turner.

Bruno- I come onto the BlogSpot to see a full write up about Khufu…that Ted Garvin has unearthed tapes of Khufu and I from March of 2000, and wondering who this new Khufu is. I KNOW who it is, I KNOW what is going on. No one has asked me, no one has BOTHERED to hunt down Adam Morris so HE can explain what is going on with this “new” Khufu. You need phone numbers for Morris? I have ‘em. You want earlier VCW footage of Khufu? All I have to do is place one phone call to Frankie Angelini and you guys will have it. You want answers? I HAVE THEM, but Teddy and his crew WON’T call me to ask. You want to play Sherlock Holmes with this mystery? Fine, go ahead. You’re making it out to be way more complicated than it really is. Quick hint, Indiana Jones: have you tried pressing Doshu Sappo for answers? Because, buddy, he is holding a lot back.

AU- Very interesting. We would definitely like to thank you for taking the time and speaking with us today. Anything you would like to leave the readers with today?

Bruno- Matt Turner and I will see all of you on February 25th at Hanover Area High School! The DCK will reign supreme, the REIGN OF THE DCK HAS BEGUN!!

Keep checking here for more news and information.

-Action Unlimited

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