Thursday, February 11, 2010

Vin Gerard vs Matt Turner: One Anticipated Contest

One of the announced matches featured on 2/25's "Action Unlimited III: Indestructible" showcase has all the potential to steal the show. Rightfully so, as this particular contest features two Action Unlimited newcomers...both young veterans in the business...who possess a vast array of knowledge and a mastery of their craft so advanced that a meeting between the two has been anticipated for years. And while both men reside in the same community less than 10 miles apart, they have never met one on one.

This changes on 2/25, when for the first time anywhere, DCK member "The Technical Nightmare" Matt Turner faces the enigmatic and volatle Vin Gerard in their first singles encounter ever. This match, 5 years in the making, is shaping up to be a career milestone for both men, who have long awaited the day they would finally be given the chance to prove their superiority over the other.

In looking closely at the competitors involved, one sees many similarities. Both began their careers in the violent and bloody Pennsylvania Underground. Both attended the most elite of training academies. Both possess vast technical knowledge and are among the best conditioned competitors in Action Unlimited. And with both being new arrivals, both are anxious to make their mark. They each understand the importance of a victory.

"This little snot has been running from me for YEARS." Turner remarked through his characteristic grin. "I don't know how well you guys know Vin, but let me tell you this: he's weird. I mean VEEERY weird. "Heavy breathing on the telephone" weird. But that doesn't make him dangerous to a guy like me. I know what I'm doing."

In speaking with us, the extremely unpopular Mr Turner didn't seem to take Vin Gerard very seriously, even with all the anticipation surrounding the bout.

"To me, this little punk is just a geek, a nerd, and a pest. I'll take him down, show him what true wrestling is all about, and move on to bigger and better things. I figure that by beating a guy like Vin...a guy who everyone thinks is soooo tough...people will get who I am. This is OUR show now, don't forget. DCK runs things around here now, and we say little Vin isn't welcome. These people have been begging for this match? Fine, I'll slap him around At the end, it'll be time to pack up your mascara and take the d-train home, jerky!"

We here at have not had an opportunity to speak to Vin Gerard as of yet. We did, however, take some time to research some of the claims that DCK's Bruno Demaio had made earlier this week in our telephone interview with him. What we found was that, while DeMaio has an obvious bias towards him, much of what "The War Machine" told us about Gerard's past was true.

Vin Gerard did, in fact, train at a highly accredited training academy in Philadelphia. Sometime around 2005, Gerard began to compete as a Luchadore, though he had not yet completed Luchadore training. He competed in various colorful masked costumes throughout the next two years, finally losing his mask in a humiliating defeat to a former trainer. Competing without a mask from that point on, Gerard has met a very cold reception in most of the promotions he has performed for along the East Coast. Suprisingly, Action Unlimited fans responded positively to him in his brief debut, and fans regularly email us here at Anthracite Wrestling Blogspot requesting any information we may have on the enigmatic competitor.

While both competitors possess a vast degree of skill, there are several variables that could become huge factors in the outcome of this contest. Matt Turner debuted last month in a wild brawl with "The Butcher Of Giza" Khufu and his mentor, Doshu Sappo. Will Turner's violent clash with these men factor in any way into this contest? Vin Gerard has been busy as well; in January, Gerard rushed the ring and assaulted "Banger" Ritch Howe following The Westies' first round tag team contest. Rachel Townsend, manager of The Westies, has a romantic history with Greard, and it is speculated that her absence at the last event was a direct effect of Gerard's presence. Will The Westies look to finish what Gerard started in January?

Even in the face of all of these querstions, we can decisively state that, in one way or another, Vin Gerard vs Matt Turner has the potential to drastically change the landscape of Anthracite Wrestling. We await this match as much as you.

More information as we recieve it. Enjoy the snow.

-Action Unlimited

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