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"You Will Pay Dearly For Ryan Zero." Gene Snitsky vs Head The Ice Crusher Headlines "Action Unlimited IV"

We here at were initially suprised to see the outpouring of concern by Action Unlimited newcomer Gene Snitsky for the injured Ryan Zero. If you remember, Snitsky was the very first competitor on the scene following Zero's horrific injury on March 2nd as part of "Action Unlimited III: Indestructible", and has been in constant contact with Zero since the incident. In fact, as he was watching the ambulance which held Zero head off for a local medical facility, Snitsky had only one thing to say...

"The Westies will pay dearly for this."

This is a VAST departure from the Gene Snitsky of national television fame. In the past, vignettes of a terrifying-looking Snitsky espousing the virtues of pain and punishment on an opponent long after such force was needed was an almost common sight. His merciless attacks on some of the industry's biggest starts has definitely left Snitsky with the reputation of a cold-blooded killer. One need only note his famous line ("It Wasn't My Fault!") to see that Snitsky has never, ever pitied competitors injuries in the past. Why now, it stands to be argued, would Snitsky be so concerned?

The answer to that question may lie in events that foreshadowed Ryan Zero's tragic fall, events that, in hindsight, truly started this conflict that continues Sunday, March 21st at The 109th Armory in Nanticoke.

Earlier in the evening, the reigning Action Unlimited Tag-Team Champions, The Westies, made their way to the ring for a scheduled interview segment. After "Banger" Ritch Howe antagonized the crowd and lambasted he challengers for that evening's Tag-Team Championship match, Head The Ice Crusher grabbed the microphone from his partner. Uncharacteristic as it was for Head to be speaking in public, his intent was no secret: He wanted an immediate fight with Snitsky, and would not be satisfied until the giant accepted. For the next several moments, a stunned Ritch Howe tried desperately to diffuse the situation as every eye in the building fixed on the entrance. Finally, with Black Sabbath's "Iron Man" playing him to the ring, Gene Snitsky made his Action Unlimited debut, and quickly set to putting the champions in their place.

"I'm real tired of your mouths already." Snitsky told both Westies as he entered the ring on March 2nd. "You run down the people who come from this Valley...the people from NEPA? I'M FROM NEPA, punks! If you guys want to pick on someone from NEPA, why not pick on me?"

"Mr. Snitsky....GENE...this is a huge misunderstanding." Stammered a petrified Howe. " (Ice Crusher) can get carried away, you know? I swear that he didn't mean anything by it...I swear!"

"You two clowns better get the hell out of here right now, or I promise there's going to be BIG trouble!" Snitsky screamed at "The Banger" as Ritch tried to gather Head The Ice Crusher, who since Snitsky had entered the ring, had stood no more than a few inches away from him. Finally resorting to physically pulling his partner from the ring, Ritch made it clear that The westies were leaving....but would not forget this incident.

"Why don't you and your girlfriend go get ready to lose your belts?" Snitsky taunted the Champions as Banger and Ice Crusher looked on with fury in their eyes. As the champions walked through the entrance curtain, Action Unlimited representative Chris Decker attempted to get words with them. As Ice Crsher began to speak, however, he was quickly silenced by Howe, who would only make unclear and vague references to a "statement" the team would make later in the night.

Tragically, Ryan "Acid" Zero did, indeed, recieve that statement.
Those who have seen the video of the Tag-Team championship match pitting The Westies against Zero and Mike "Cannon" Collis are well aware of just how violent and rageful the encounter was even BEFORE Zero's fall. In the aftermath of the match, many of us sat in stunned appreciation as the Action Unlimited locker room emptied to run to the aid of a fallen competitor. One notible face in the crowd of competitors was Snitsky himself....doing everything he could to help.

Starting moments after Zero's ambulance left, Snitsky began his campaign to get The Westies, and specifically Head The Ice Crusher, into the ring . Snitsky even went so far as to go to the ring, grab the microphone, and rally the live crowd behind his cause. he challenged whichever Westie would accept to a match march 21st, adding that "...whatever happens to you at my hands...for what you've done to Ryan Zero...whatever happens, remember this: It Wasn't My Fault!"

With the stipulations of the tag-team title match being a guaranteed title shot to the victorious party, and with Ritch Howe scoring the pinfall and earning the title shot, Action Unlimited CEO Ted Garvin announced this week that it would be Head The Ice Crusher...the man who physically executed the attack on Ryan Zero....who would face Snitsky in the Main Event of "Action Unlimited IV: The Ides Of March".

"It was my distinct pleasure to sign this match." A grinning Ted Garvin told us this morning at Action Unlimited Headquarters, WB. "I think that after all the nonsense The Westies have caused over the last several months, they will find pushing Gene Snitsky around isn't going to be so easy." he continued, barely disguising his excitement. "I don't like making promises, but I will say this: Action Unlimited IV has the potential to be our biggest showcase ever."

We hope to have exclusive comments from gene Snitsky later in the week. Thanks for reading, and keep checking back for more information.

-Action Unlimited

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