Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Ryan "Acid" Zero Severely Injured; In Serious Condition As Of Midnight 3/3

Over the last few weeks, the management have admittedly applied immense pressure in efforts to sign Tuesday's tag-team title match. The current and reigning champions, The Westies, were very hesitant to sign the match. Management, specifically Action Unlimited CEO Ted Garvin, were dead-set on providing the grounds for "Cannon" Mike Collis and Ryan "Acid" Zero to extract revenge against the reviled champions. Garvin's only intention seemed to be presenting a match that was entertaining for the fans.

Now, Garvin wishes the match never happened.

"I wouldn't wish something like this on my worst enemy." Garvin commented this morning during a telephone call. "It was never my intention for Ryan to get hurt at all...let alone this severely and brutally. If I had known something like this would go down, that match never would have happened. In my mind right now, it shouldn't have happened."

After successfully defending their championship, both Westies continued to attack Ryan Zero while Collis found himself handcuffed to the ropes. Not long after, Head The Ice Crusher lifted Zero over his shoulders. While "Banger" Howe glared at Collis and screamed for him to "Watch what (he) did. Watch what (he) caused. This is YOUR fault!"

Seconds later, Ice Crusher brutally launched Zero over the top rope and directly to the arena floor...completely missing the erected ringside table with every part of his body.. save for the back of his head, which crashed violently onto the lip of the table. The rest of Zero landed in a bloody, convulsing heap at ringside, the sight and atmosphere of which none present will soon forget. The locker room quickly emptied and rushed to Zero's aid, but not before both Westies made their escape.

Zero was immediately rushed to a nearby medical facility and apparantly airlifted to another location. He was listed as being in Serious Condition at an undisclosed hospital as of midnight Tuesday evening.

Most everyone on the roster has an opinon as it relates to this heinous situation.

"I was right there in the ring when it happened. When Zero's head hit that table, fear shot right through me." said Action Unlimited senoir official Michael DiMuzio. "I looked into his eyes..they were open the whole time..and he was just gone. No one home. I don't want to sound like a ghoul, but I have to be honest: I thought he was dead."

"What The Westies pulled tonight just isn't right." commented Action Unlimited newcomer Gene Snitsky. "You win your match, you cash your check, no problem. You don't make it personal, believe me when I say that. These two I dealt with earlier in the show. I had no idea they'd stoop so low."

As you may have already heard, Gene Snitsky has challenged either member of The Westies to a singles match on March 21st @ The Nanticoke Armory.

Our thoughts and prayers are with Ryan "Acid" Zero at this very minute, and we will have more information as it becomes available. Keep checking back!

-Action Unlimited

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