Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Ryan "ACID" Zero released from hospital; will make appearance at "The Ides Of March"

After what was easily the scariest week most of us here at have ever experienced, we can finally exhale. We recieved word this morning that Action Unlimited competitor Ryan "Acid" Zero was released from Emmaus Medical Center sometime Tuesday afternoon, one week after being voilently attacked and nearly killed by The Westies following last week's Tag-team Championship match. Zero, who suffered severe neck trauma and a massive concussion on March 2, has been in treatment for the past 7 days, and has been completely incommunicato. This morning, however, Zero finally broke his silence.

"Well, I'm alive. Not really in one piece, but I'm alive." Zero told us this morning via telephone call. "I literally remember walking out through the curtain, and nothing else. I've seen the footage, though, so it's probably a good thing that I don't remember anything. I'd hate to have to carry those images around for the rest of my life."

For those not in attendance, Zero was injured following the Westies/Collis & Zero Tag-Team Championship match this past march 2nd as part of Action Unlimited III: Indestructible. With his partner handcuffed to the ropes, and with no recourse since the bout had already concluded, Zero took a hellacious 2-on-1 beating at the hands of the victorious Westies. Seething with anger, Head The Ice Crusher and "Banger" Ritch Howe erected an announce table at ringside, with the obvious goal of throwing Zero through it.

The execution of the throw, however, had Zero miss the table...from a 15 foot fall, mind you...with everything but his EXO (it's the bump on the back of your head), which crashed violently into, but not through, the lip of the table. Zero crashed into a plie, folded at the waist, taking 99% of the force directly on his head and neck. He was knocked unconsious upon impact, and did not regain consiousness for several minutes. Expert work by Action Unlimited Team Doctor Patrick "Skip" Krenwinkle helped Zero narrowly avert tragedy, and Zero was transferred to a medical facility not long afterwards. Zero was finally relesed Tuesday morning.

"I can't turn my head barely at all, and I'm still getting massive headaches several times a day." Zero tells us. "I guess I'm lucky when you think about it. I saw the same fall as you guys saw, but I can't explain how I survived. A fall like that could kill somebody, it should kill somebody. How or why I survived is still a mystery, but like I said, I definitely feel lucky."

While Zero declined to discuss the specifics of his injuries, "Acid" did make it clear that he will be in attendance on March 21st at the Nanticoke Armory as part of Action Unlimited IV: The Ides Of March, though not in a competitive role. He has promised, however, that he will definitely be addressing the crowd and letting us know where his future lies.

Whatever his decision, we are happy to have Ryan "Acid" zero on the way to recovery, and look forward to seeing him March 21st. More information as we get it.

-Action Unlimited

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