Monday, March 1, 2010

Westies vs Collis/Zero WILL happen.

At the 23rd hour on Saturday 2/20, the appropriate phonecalls made and the appropriate paperwork tended to, we can finally announce with 100% certainty that the Action Unlimited No-DQ Tag Team Championship match between The Westies ("Banger" Ritch Howe and Head The Ice Crusher) and the team of "Cannon" Mike Collis and Ryan "Acid" Zero. While the match will be presented with it's original stipulations, a number of minor changes have been announced to satisfy the champions, who as most by now are aware have been very hesitant to accept the championship match.

The key stipulations are as follows;

1) The Westies manager, Ms. Rachel Townsend, will be banned from the building on 2/25 to ensure that she does not in any way physically involve herself in the matchup. (*It is our understanding at that The Westies may be represented by members of the Zapata Law firm at this event, but that's purely speculation at this point*)
2) All competitors must respect the "Tag Rule" and may not execute a fall unless they are the legal contestant. The referee will not disqualify a contestant for entering the ring. However, the referee has the right to clear the ring of illegal competitors before executing a fall.
3) "Cannon" Mike Collis is recognized as the No.1 contender to the Action Unlimited Anthracite Championship. Should Collis or Zero be defeated in any way during this match, Collis will forefeit his Championship opportunity to whichever member of the opposing team executes the successful fall.
4) Should Collis and Zero be successful in capturing the Action Unlimited Tag-Team Championship, they will not be required to grant The Westies a rematch at any time.

We look forward to seeing all of our wonderful fans this week. Keep checking back for more info.

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  1. great matches and a lot of fun, does anyone know how Acid Zero is doing?