Thursday, March 4, 2010

Evers Shines At "Indestructible"; Khufu And Bruno Prepare For War.

With all of the variables presented to him, very little could be said with certainty about the first Action Unlimited Anthracite Championship defense of young A.J. Evers. HIs opponent enjoyed many advantages. Outside of the former Champion, A.J. had never been tested in-ring by an accomplished veteran. Moreover, A.J. would be facing more than one opponent, as the challenger had definite backup in the form of a former multiple-time Champion.

At the conclusion of Action Unlimited 3, however, one thing was very, very clear: A.J. Evers is, indeed, Indestructible.

The challenger, "The War Machine" Bruno DeMaio came well prepared. Bruno had fellow Diamond City Kings member "The Technical Nightmare" Matt Turner in his corner. DeMaio's strategy, to avoid chasing the faster champion and patiently wait for a mistake, was working very well for the first minutes of the match. Bruno was himself the heavy favorite in the match, and at several points within seemed poised to finish the young Champion and begin his own reign. Somewhere along the line, however, something went very wrong for the massive challenger.

DeMaio's woes had actually started earlier in the night, when he and Turner had arrived in the ring to sign DeMaio's Main Event contract for his match with Evers. Within a few moments, The Great Khufu and his manager/translator Doshu Sappo had arrived on the scene. (If you recall, "The War Machine" and "The Butcher Of Giza" have a long standing rivalry that came to the surface this past January.) Doshu directly challenged Bruno to face Khufu one-on-one in a No Holds Barred match at the soonest possible date. Action Unlimited CEO Ted Garvin, himself on the scene to witness the contract signing, seemed moved by Sappo's request, and promised to make that very match at the soonest available time.

As things in the Main Event seemed to be going directly in Bruno's direction, and as A.J. Evers seemed completely finished, a chain reaction of events began that would lead to Bruno's defeat and Evers' victory. First Vin Gerard, Turner's opponent earlier in the evening, arrived on the scene and completely neutralized "The Technical Nightmare". Then, as Bruno prepared to put the finishing touches on the young Champion, The Great Khufu and Doshu Sappo arrive on the scene. Sappo, long retired and out of action for nearly 8 years before this past January, executed his vaunted "Rising Sun" Top Rope Neckbreaker on the massive challenger and quickly exited the ring without being detected. It was all the opportunity Evers needed to trigger his Flying Elbowdrop and score a pinfall victory over "The War Machine".

The victorious champion could not hide his happiness in a post match interview.

"I KNEW it! He was big, he was bad, but he wasn't Indestructible. I came in here the Champion, I'm STILL the Champion, and I'm GOING to be Champion FOREVERS!" A.J. shouted to the reporters and cameras nearby in the locker room area. We hope to have a one-on-one interview with the reigning Champion sometime this week.

Bruno, as can be expected, was furious.

"WHERE was Ted Garvin, Mike DiMuzio, or ANYBODY to keep this CRAP from happening?" screamed an irate DeMaio in his post match comments. "Nobody makes a fool of me like understand me? I've broken this (*expletive deleted*)'s back before. If (Khufu) wants another go-round, then I'm his boy, you understand? He wants a broken neck? He'll get one. We're done."

Bruno has not returned phone calls as of Thursday, March 3rd. We hope to get additional comments soon.

A.J. Evers, for his part, has little time to celebrate; by virtue of his victory in the Tag-Team Championship match, "Banger" Ritch Howe has been named No.1 Contender to Evers' Action Unlimited Anthracite Championship. While nothing has been announced, it may be just a matter of days until that match is a reality for March 21st.

DeMaio heads in a more personal direction, having apparently accepted "The Butcher Of Giza's" challenge for a rematch 10 years in the making. As was the case earlier, no official announcement has been made, but the moment anything is announced, we will share it here that very second.

Keep checking back for more info.

-Action Unlimited

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