Thursday, March 11, 2010

It's Official:"Indestructible" AJ Evers Vs "Banger" Ritch Howe For The Anthracite Championship 3/21

Just moments ago, Action Unlimited CEO Ted Garvin announced that as part of Action Unlimited IV: The Ides Of March, Action Unlimited Anthracite Champion "Indestructible" AJ Evers will defend his Anthracite Championship against co-holder of the Action Unlimited Tag-Team Championship and recognized No. 1 contender "Banger" Ritch Howe. This match, in the making since the two competitors went to a draw in the Anthracite Championship Tournemant in November, will be historical in Action Unlimited, as it will mark the very first time in our history that two recognized champions will compete one-on-one for a championship.

"This is the very last match I want to make." confessed Action Unlimited CEO Ted Garvin today during a phone conversation. "The thought that somehow Action Unlimited OWES a title shot to Ritch Howe after his role in the Acid Zero attack makes me sick to my stomach. By winning that match, however, Ritch IS the number one contender, and the last thing we need right now is more drama and conflict from "The Westies". I did my job in getting this match signed as soon as I could, but I'm far from happy about it."

As many readers know, the Champion and the Challenger are hardly strangers; Evers has faced Howe in no less than 4 seperate promotions in the last 6 months. Most will remember this past November when Howe and Evers exceeded the time limit and were both subsequently eliminated from the Anthracite Championship Tournament in what was one of the best matches of the evening. In fact, when A.J. debuted in September of 2009, his very first opponent was "Banger". To date, Evers has not defeated Howe by pin or submission. Many feel, however, that based on his recent performances "Indestructible" is way overdue in the win department.

"This match is going to be tough, I'm not going to lie." AJ told us just moments ago after hearing about the match. "But I won this title, and I defend this title against whoever thinks they're better than me. My luck with Ritch hasn't been great in the past, but that was the past. On March 21st, at "The Ides Of March", "Banger" goes on that list of guys everyone said would win, but didn't. Howe's a tough, tough guy....but I'm the Champion, and I'll still be Champion after "The Ides Of March" pass."

Ted Garvin did make it clear that he isn't finished making announcements relating to "The Ides Of March", so expect a public e-mail from our CEO soon.

Until then, keep checking back for more information.

-Action Unlimited

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