Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Triangle Match To Name No.1 Contenders To The Tag-Team Championship Announced.

On March 21st, Action Unlimited has announced a first-ever Anthracite Triangle Match to name new Number 1 contenders to the Action Unlimited Tag-Team Championship. The winners of this bout, which pits 3 Action Unlimited Tag-Teams against each other until only one remains, will recieve a guaranteed Championship opportunity at the next Action Unlimited Showcase, the date of which will be announced. With all six announced participants being Action Unlimited veterans, this should end up being a very heated contest next Sunday.

Let's take a quick look at the teams.

Gutz N Glory- "The Pride Of The Fighting 109th" have made it very clear that they want an opportunity to be Tag-Team Champions, going so far as to challenge the winners of our last showcase's Tag-Team title match. Boasting an almost unblemished record which includes no losses by pinfall or submission, Bob "Shotgun Blast" Dick and JP "The Howitzer" Karpovich may be regarded as the odds-on favorites in this match. However, they have incredibly talented competetion on Sunday, March 21st...and as we all know, anything can happen in Action Unlimited.

Ray Ray Marz & Little Nicky- These two gentlemen, high in the running for most obnoxious wrestlers of all time, make their Nanticoke, PA wrestling debut in a match that has all the ingredients to shoot the winners straight into stardom. Fresh from abandoning their partner, The Masked Destroyer, at the last showcase, this Triangle Match will be their first meeting with their former partner. And he isn't coming alone....

The Masked Destroyer & Cadillac Stanks- "Big Silky" has stepped up and formed a team with Action Unlimited's most unusual competitor, the massive Masked Destroyer. Stanks, widely recognized as one of Anthracite Wrestling's most popular competitors, has had continuing problems with Ray Ray Marz, who has stepped up to challenge Stanks the last two consecutive showcases. Little Nicky's hands aren't clean, either, as Nicky was just as involved in abandoning Destroyer at Hanover, and the massive masked man hasn't yet forgotten.

All of these factors have this match shaping up to be a must-see, and will definitely have a huge impact on the future title picture here in Action Unlimited. Keep checking back for more info.

-Action Unlimited

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  1. High in the running for most obnoxious wrestlers of all time? Really? At least this company has finally acknowledged that I will not be taken as a joke and is giving me a chance to win some gold. First, Little Nicky and I beat Mask & Stanks, a team with 2 moves between them, as well as a Gutz and Glory team that will crumble under the immense pressure on them to win this match, and then Westies… we’re comin for those tag straps. Dig?