Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Rachel Townsend arrives in Action Unlimited; immediately signs "The Westies"


Our thanks to Ms. Rachel Towsend for providing the above photo

Valley Pro Wrestling personality Rachel Townsend announced today via her personal Facebook that she would soon debut in Action Unlimited. The vivacious and highly controversial Townsend then dropped a bombshell. In a direct quote "Ritch and I have an understanding."

Literally moments later, we received a message from our people in the head offices, and it was juicy: Rachel Townsend has signed The Westies and is their exclusive manager. To get things rolling, she immediately entered her new charges into the 4 Team Championship tournament on January 10th. In just over three weeks, we will see first hand what effect "Lay Rae" will have.

Without a doubt, Ms. Townsend's reputation does precede her. In 2007, Rachel managed "The New Jersey Independent All Stars" to much success on the NEPA Pro Wrestling scene. Her "backstage" romance with Valley competitor Jerry "Vin Gerard" Durling was hardly kept secret, and it was a visible driving force behind several of HIS controversial actions around the same time. Both Durling and Townsend would leave soon afterward, but not before finding herself in yet ANOTHER bizarre backstage situation with promoter Richard Wech. Townsend's return was negotiated by Wech several months later, but when Townsend failed to appear for several scheduled appearances, the writing was on the wall.

This is, however, a very different situation. Townsend shares blood with a member of "The Westies"; she is the half-sister of one "Banger" Ritch Howe. And with bonds of loyalty now definitely stronger than ever to her clients, will Rachel repeat her success of a few years ago, or will she and her team get swallowed by the drama cloud yet again?

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