Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Bruno DeMaio Issues Statement Regarding January 10th Title Match

350+pound "War Machine" Bruno DeMaio broke his silence today via telephone conversation with us here at DeMaio, who was injured at the November 20th showcase and is still due a future Championship opportunity, took time to verbally blast the head offices of Action Unlimited and pointed his frustration squarely at Action Unlimited CEO Ted Garvin.

"Since when do Fireman, or bakers, or milkmen....since when do they make calls around here?" Bruno hissed as his verbal tirade began. "What gives Garvin the right to have random people decide who gets title shots? Everybody sees Ted Garvin buddying up to Mike Collis because he thinks Collis is his ticket...he's the man with the gold. He knows Collis is a punk, though. You watch....he'll feed every untrained tomato can he can find at his champion to keep him looking pretty."

By virtue of his placement in the finals of the Anthracite Title tournament, Bruno DeMaio was guaranteed a future title shot, regardless of what the outcome of the finals would be. Both contestants entered that match with the understanding that, win or lose, they would be given another opportunity at the title and be given the rank of number 1 contender. And while Action Unlimited does recognize Bruno DeMaio as the number 1 contender to the Anthracite Championship, DeMaio was not medically cleared in time to sign on for a rematch. Just last week, Ted Garvin announced that unranked rookie AJ Evers would receive a title opportunity and main event the 1/10 showcase, effectively replacing Bruno and leaving the giant War Machine without an opponent.

"What more proof do you need? You replace a 350lb man....a tournament finalist with a track take him out of the match, right? And you replace him with a kid who hasn't even had 20 professional matches...and you put THAT kid up against an 8 year veteran who did a tour of Afghanistan and bounces heads in a federal prison 5 days a week. Nobody thinks thats crooked? If Ritch (Howe) had pulled this s*** a few years back, oh...that's all anyone'd be talking about. But Ted Garvin does it right under your noses, and nobody bats an eyelash? That's Action Unlimited for you, I guess."

Bruno, to that point, had dodged a very important question: His role in the cowardly assault carried out on Mike Collis in the semi-finals of the Anthracite Title Tournament by members of The Westies. To their somewhat appalling credit, both Westies were quick to fess up to the fact that, as suspected by many, they had been hired by an unnamed party to carry out the assault on Collis, presumably removing him from the tournament. Bruno, however, hadn't yet made a statement as of his phone call.

"They told you about that, did they? Couple of cagey dogs those two. It's all right....them guys are definitely going to get broken necks and head trauma from me soon enough. Yeah, I wanted a job done. Instead, these two go crazy and get themselves chased right out of the ring. Then they come back, all smiles, walked right out the door with my money. I figure a little insurance is never a bad thing, but those two guys screwed me. Next time I see them, I'll straighten them two right out."

Bruno left us with a parting statement that was, while expected, powerful and direct:

"When Collis is done fighting teenagers for charity he has nothing but a War Machine waiting for him. I hope slapping that kid around makes him confident. I can't wait to break his ego and become Anthracite Champion. And if Collis should slip on a banana peel, I'll take the Jack Briscoe looking kid in his spot. Don't matter to me...just another body murdered."

Action Unlimited

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