Monday, December 21, 2009

Action Unlimited endorses "Banger's" Challenge; Howe rumored to appear on Steve Corbett Show today.

In an absolutely stunning move, Action Unlimited : Anthracite Wrestling has ENDORSED "Banger" Ritch Howe's challenge to controversial NEPA personality Justin Vacula.

"This has less to do with bowing to Howe's wishes and more to do with bringing in as much money as we possibly can for the Christopher Krout family." said Action Unlimited CEO Ted Garvin this morning via telephone. " I have personally spoken to the rumored donor, and there's really no rumor pr mystery about it anymore. (The donor) has authorized us to make an offer to Justin Vacula, so we will. And since Ritch is so well entrenched in the situation already, he can go ahead and clean up his own mess. In short, if Ritch wants to challenge Justin Vacula for 1/10 at Action Unlimited 2, we will support his decision, and accommodate the match in any way we can."

The hypothetical match, which is far from a finished deal, would be presented as an exhibition to accommodate Mr. Vacula's status as a non-wrestler. The bout would be a singe round 5 minute affair. Both men will be barred from striking in any manner, and both men must keep the action inside the ring. Should Mr. Vacula accept these terms, $1000.00 will be donated in Justin Vacula's name to the Christopher Krout family.

As we have covered here in the last several weeks, Christopher Krout is a Wright Township Firefighter who lost his home to a Thanksgiving Day blaze. Action Unlimited: Anthracite Wrestling presents "Action Unlimited 2: Winter Showcase" on January 10th at Wright Township Firehall as a benefit for the Krout family. To read a more detailed account of the fire and the resulting woes, click here.

It has been heavily rumored that Howe will make his much anticipated challenge Monday evening live as part of the Steve Corbett radio show on WILK 103.1. The show runs from 3pm to 7pm EST.

Justin Vacula has yet to respond publicly to the challenge or acknowledge Howe's comments in any way.

-Action Unlimited

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