Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Challenge Issued: "Banger" Ritch Howe Appears live on WKRZ, Issues $1000.00 Challenge To Justin Vacula as part of "The Jeff Walker Show"

The much-rumored open challenge by "Banger" Ritch Howe to controversial college student Justin Vacula was officially issued December 23rd on WKRZ FM's "The Jeff Walker Show". Radio Personality "Jumpin" Jeff Walker, who is a confessed pro wrestling fanatic, conducted the interview with "Banger" following his heated on-air debate with Justin Vacula on December 18th that saw Vacula end the interview prematurely. Following his appearance on WKRZ, Vacula has refused all media requests for statements or interviews. By contrast, Howe's interview, while no less controversial, was much more cordial.

"You're a what...not an amateur wrestler." Walker asked.

"You're killing me, Jeff." Banger shot back.

Semi-pro?" Walker asked.

"As far as (Vacula's) concerned, I'm the damned devil." Howe responded.

The outspoken Banger's tone didn't soften as the interview continued.

"So...what exactly would you do with..um, or to...Justin Vacula should he accept your challenge?" Walker questioned.

"Oh, I'll definitely teach that boy some manners. He'll find God...oh, he'll pray come January 10th. Believe me when I say it, Jeff. He'll pray to the God he hates come January 10th." was Ritch's reply.

Jeff Walker then pointed the conversation towards the charity event on January 10th and Action Unlimited recent charity activity, but Howe was uninterested.

"I'll give you Ted Garvin's number if you want to talk about his promotion" Howe told Walker " If you're gonna try to turn this into the Ted Garvin show, then we're all done."

"Thats definitely not the case." Walker responded.

"This is my time. This deal is my deal. I found the donor and the money. Ted Garvin doesn't get to steal my heat this time." Ritch told Walker. In calmer moments, Howe did admit that he was happy to be performing for such a worthy cause, and was somewhat looking forward to performing in Mountaintop again.

"The people in Mountaintop aren't TOO bad. Mostly we get little kids and parents and stuff. When I start headbutting the scrubs between their eyes....the people in Mountaintop appreciate it. They're the kind of people who will hate your guts, but still cheer when you do something brutal." Ritch said. "Lucky for them, I intend to do lots of brutal stuff."

Action Unlimited has agreed to host a Howe vs Vacula "Folk Rules" exhibition on January 10th. An anonymous donor has agreed to donate $1000.00 in Justin Vacula's name to the Christopher Krout family on 1/10 should Vacula accept. Action Unlimited CEO Ted Garvin has put an expiration of midnight January 1st as the deadline to accept. Should Vacula decline "Banger's" challenge, Ritch will enter the 1/10 Tag Team Championship mini-Tournament with partner Head "The Ice Crusher".

As of this writing, Justin Vacula has not responded to said challenge in any way.

Action Unlimited

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  1. I nominate "Banger" for the Bonehead of the Year award. Will he accept?