Tuesday, December 15, 2009

DeMaio Still Injured; Rookie AJ Evers Named No. 1 Contender


Those fans in attendance live on November 20th of this year witnessed Anthracite Tournament finalist "War Machine" Bruno DeMaio suffer what many thought could be a very serious injury. Bruno, a monster of a man tipping the scales at well over 350lbs, was brought down from behind by Anthracite Champion Mike Collis, twisting his knee and bringing the big man crashing to the mat.

Bruno has vented his frustration is several outlets, making it clear that he was aware of the injury and how serious it may have been. He further claims this to be the reason for his surrender during the matches final moments....and not because of the effect of Collis' "Fallujah Neckvice". DeMaio's surrender has made Collis the champion, DeMaio reminds us, but Bruno himself has a guaranteed rematch by virtue of his appearance in the final round of the tournament.

Fate, it seems, always has a way of complicating things.

First, there is good news and bad news for Bruno. Action Unlimited ringside physician, Dr. Patrick "Skip" Krenwinkle, was on hand to give Bruno immediate care. He has diagnosed Bruno's knee issue as "simple to low moderate" and has stated that Bruno won't miss any significant time. The good doctor was able to perform a simple therapeutic procedure, and DeMaio was able to walk out of the arena on his own power. As of this writing, Bruno is healthy will be on hand January 10th, a promise he has made to this reporter personally.

Unfortunately for Bruno, now for the bad news.

While Bruno does have a title opportunity due him, Dr Krenwinkle would not clear Bruno medically in time for Bruno to sign for a title match on January 10th. With the date drawing closer, and with the obvious importance on a quality showcase, Action Unlimited CEO Ted Garvin made a perplexing and intriguing decision regarding the Championship bout at Winter Showcase: Replacing DeMaio in the contest with unranked rookie AJ Evers, who has had less than 20 professional matches.

Ted Garvin has promised a statement on the matter soon, and we anxiously await hearing from our fearless leader. Until then, check back often for all the latest in Anthracite Wrestling.

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