Thursday, December 17, 2009

An Open Letter From Action Unlimited CEO Ted Garvin


We recieved this message via email 10:00pm EST 12/14/09. Our apologies in the delay.

From The Desk of Action Unlimited CEO Ted Garvin,

My goals as founder and CEO of Action Unlimited is to present the best quality show possible and to bring pro wrestling home to northeast PA for the fans and the wrestlers. Much faster than we anticipated, and thanks in full to the tremendous support of our fans, Action Unlimited is the number 1 Pro Wrestling promotion in northeast PA. I personally will take every opportunity I get to thank the wonderful fans of our product for their support, and guarantee them that I will always do everything in my power to present the very finest in Pro Wrestling.

Over the Thanksgiving holiday, Christopher Kraut took his family to visit relatives in the Carolinas. When they returned home the next day, they found that their home had been engulfed by a massive fire in their absence, and that everything they owned was now ashes. Christopher Kraut has been a member of the Wright Township Fire Department for several years, and has assisted in saving countless homes from the very same fate that befell his own. Now, in this holiday season, and with the Kraut family needing everyone's support, we at Action Unlimited will do everything in our power to see that the Krauts are not left out in the cold. On January 10th, we present our second action-packed night of Pro Wrestling with "Winter Showcase 2010" eminating live from Wright Township Fire Company in Mountaintop. Wright Township Firehall's time in the pro wrestling business predates my own, but I have seen and personally attended many shows at Wright Township in the past. This time, however, it's OUR turn to showcase OUR brand of Anthracite Wrestling for the first time in Mountaintop...and the cause couldn't be better.

On a final note, much has been made of my decision to rate previously unranked AJ Evers to the role of number 1 contender. Indeed much can be made of the point that Evers has not beaten anyone to deserve a title shot. Moreso perhaps is the concern that AJ Evers is, to my understanding, 18 years old and "hasn't yet had 20 professional matches". Bruno DeMaio has even openly stated bias against him as he does have a guaranteed title shot owed to him. These are all valid points, yet they do not sway my decision. I'm sure everyone can understand my position if they look closely.

Action Unlimited is, and will always be, a company founded and based on opportunity...not guarantees. In speaking with several members of the Action Unlimited staff, including Mike Collis himself, I became aware of how highly everyone regards AJ. Very few people I have spoken to over the last few weeks have overlooked his efforts in and outside of Anthracite Wrestling. Evers possesses skills akin to any other roster member while also being the youngest. I'm very interested to see what Evers can do with a title shot. To be completely honest, I really think this will be a fantastic match. In speaking with AJ, it certainly seems like he understands fully what he stands to gain should he be successful. Mike Collis, on the other hand, is a champion who has faced more proven competetion than AJ. Remember also that while Collis had the endurance to face off against 3 heavyweights en route to the championship, Evers didn't even escape the first round. Again...interesting.

Thank you all for taking the time to read this. Again, I appreciate your support more than you will ever know. From my family to yours...Happy Holidays!

Ted G.

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