Tuesday, December 29, 2009

BREAKING NEWS- Christopher Krout Will Be In The Corner Of AJ Evers 1/10

As the circumstances of AJ Ever's sudden ascent to the number 1 contendership began to unfold, Wright Township Fireman Christopher Krout made his name and presence felt as he announced that he would manage and second Evers during his title opportunity January 10th. It will mark Evers first title opportunity in pro wrestling, and will be Krout's debut in the managment field.

As most know, Chris Krout's family lost their home on Thanksgiving day to a freak blaze that destroyed everything the family owned. Action Unlimited CEO Ted Garvin immediately announced "Action Unlimited 2: Winter Showcase" as a benefit showcase with all proceeds benefitting Krout's family. As a personal favor to Krout, Garvin granted his request to name AJ Evers no.1 contender, effectively giving Evers a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to claim championship gold.

"Action Unlimited is, and will always be, a place for opportunity" stated Ted Garvin. "We do, and we will, recognise a standard ranking system. We will also grant arbitrary opportunities from time to time. I will deliver to our fans the very best showcase each and every time. In speaking to Mike (Collis, Action Unlimited Anthracite Champion), I definitely got the impression that he thinks highly of AJ, and is extremely happy to be able to make his first title defense against an athlete with the heart and drive of Evers. I anticipate a very spirited contest between these two."

In speaking with us, Mike Collis was just as optimistic, and extremely confident, as he was in dealings with the CEO.

"Pound for pound, AJ may be the best athlete on the roster right now." Collis commented "Sure, I'd like to prove my case against Bruno DeMaio...erase the doubts about my title win. I definitely want a piece of both "Westies" as soon as I get a chance. All of that stuff can wait, though. For this event...with how important it is to the families involved, to our community and everything...it's important that we make a statement. I expect AJ will show up very prepared and that he will take this opportunity very seriously."

Since the announcement of this Main Event match, AJ Evers has be uncommunicative, with heavy speculation having Evers engaged in a rigorous training regimen to prepare for his title opportunity January 10th. We look forward to an opportunity to sit down and talk to AJ Evers, and we will bring you that interview as soon as possible. Until then, keep checking back, and we'll see you on January 10th!

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