Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Anthracite Tag Team Titles to be decided January 10th

In bringing a new regional championship to the area, Action Unlimited: Anthracite Wrestling made NEPA history in 2009 when we crowned our very first Anthracite Champion. Looking to make NEPA history once again in 2010, Action Unlimited: Anthracite Wrestling announced today a 4 team "Mini-tournament" to crown the very first ever Action Unlimited Anthracite Tag Team Champions.

The competing teams, unique in both styles and experience, will take part in the opening two matches of "Winter Showcase" with the winners of these respective bouts to face each other in the second half of the showcase. Each team, handpicked by Action Unlimited CEO Ted Garvin, carries with it undeniable abilities and a drive to make history. Here are the participants...

1) The New Franchise- Japan's favorite American tag team "returns to the states" to compete on January 10th. Of the announced teams, none has the experience tagging exclusively that the New Franchise possesses. Ric Ryder, the obvious "Enforcer" is an intimidating sight and force, while K'ras Van Tasle, technical standout with a concrete jaw, seems the tactician of the two. Make no mistake about it; The New Franchise is VERY capable of becoming the first Action Unlimited Anthracite Tag Team Champions.

2) "Wild Thing" Mikey Vaughn & Ryan "Acid" Zero- Vaughn makes his return to NEPA competition on this night as he teams for the very first time with lightening quick Ryan "Acid" Zero. Vaughn and Zero met only weeks ago at an Action Unlimited training session and have made arrangements to team ever since. According to reports, Vaughn has put on a good deal of muscle and is hitting harder than ever. Mixing "Wild Thing's" precision and strike accuracy with Zero's fearless ring style is a recipe for success many have said. This may be the team to watch on January 10.

3) The Westies- Fresh from a cowardly, two-on-one, Pearl Harbor attack on Anthracite Champion Mike Collis, Head The Ice Crusher and "Banger" Ritch Howe slime their way into the third slot of the mini-tournament. Easily the most hated competitors in Action Unlimited, Howe and Crusher have upped their chances just hours ago by signing exclusively with talent manager Rachel Townsend, a young lady who has a tremendous track record managing teams in NEPA....as well as a tremendous reputation for causing trouble wherever she goes. Having Ms. Townsend at the helm of The Westies is, as on competitor told me, "like adding matches to dynamite and gasoline."

4) The Mystery Team- Virtually nothing that was generally stated about the competitors can be 100% applied to this team. The reason? We have absolutely no idea who they are, and no one will tell us anything!

To be fair, we did speak to Action Unlimited CEO Ted Garvin about the situation, he did assure us that while he wouldn't reveal the identity of the team until January 10th, he promised that "everyone will definitely have a good time with this." Knowing Garvin's recent penchant for shaking things up (more on that later today) it can be virtually assured that whatever he has up his sleeve will be a complete surprise for The Westies, who won't know the identity of their opponents until they step into the ring.

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